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Maria asks…

I’m a weird that when people play with poker chips on tv I find the sound ofr chip clanking soothing?

Also when people turn pages of news paper and magazines I find the sound soothes me. Honestly I think I’m weird but what do you think.
Obviously I got nothing else to ask right now

admin answers:

Im the same way. When I watch videos on YouTube, like on homemade videos where you hear the clicking of the button on the camera when the video starts or ends, I find that soothing Also plenty of other weird things like that soothe me so your not alone.

Michael asks…

Best bonus code or affiliate to use when 1st time deposit at pokerstars?

whats the best. pokerlistings and poker news might be the way to go

admin answers:

As far as the bonus, no matter what site you go through the bonus is 100% match up to $600.

What the site does for you after that is what you should be looking into. If your looking into the site above me, you may as well go to rake back partners because thats just a white label of their site he is posting.

Anyway the site below offers freerolls every weekend if your interested in joining through it.

Susan asks…

What does it mean if China and North Korea are able to read John McCain’s „poker tell“?

What if Vietnam gave John McCain’s POW interrogating files to China and North Korea.

What if these files showed how John McCain responds under extreme stress (torture) revealing his facial expressions and body language when he is lying or telling the truth or trying to bluff his interrogators.

What kind of insight would that give China or North Korea in a Trade Negotiation or crisis situation.

How happy would the Chinese feel if the could manipulate at President McCain.

Speak truth to power.

Mr. News

admin answers:

IT Does not mean anything

Lisa asks…

Access to Full Tilt poker for Aussies?

I am an Australian with cash in Full Tilt poker, just heard of the FBI scandal, it will not let me download new Full Tilt from the uk site, can not access at all, any news on how to withdraw money?

admin answers:

What do you mean it won’t let you download?

Just go to and you can download it no problem, even from the U.S.

Once you get the software downloaded just go to the cashier and withdraw like normal. Only U.S. Player withdrawals are disabled at the moment.

Mark asks…

Christians do you like playing poker with your christian buddies ?

I was wondering if you hung out together ..Sort of asking if that’s one reason you’re here on yahoo answers and somewhat sad that atheists are here trying to make fun of you at the same time ..
Clearly evangelizing or attempting to witness to a person who constantly has their tongue stuck out at you and is busy jeering and mocking god might not yield much fruit .

christians coming together isn’t all about the unbeliever 24/7 ..hate to break the bad news

admin answers:

I have come to the conclusion that Atheists are in a sense jealous. They are not part of a religion, but i think that they believe they are part of one. They don’t quite fit in. Exclusion may be met with a retaliation of some sort. What say you?

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