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Lizzie asks…

Is it legal to play PokerStars for real money? Can you still fund a PS account with a credit card?

There was talk recently of a forthcoming federal law that would cripple sites like PokerStars‚ ability to accept funds from a credit card ..

But I have not heard any more about it since then.

admin answers:

There was a law in passed in September that makes it illegal for American banks and credit card companies to process transactions with offshore gambling companies. All of the penalties are directed at the financial institutions and would have no effect on you as a consumer. The law won’t be enforced for another 3-6 months and many experts believe it isn’t enforceable at all. The only real inconvenience that you may have to deal with is using a third party payment processor such as Neteller which makes sense anyway if you play at more than one poker room as I do. I personally intend to play poker online and support the poker rooms that have taken a stand and not only welcoming American players but are working with groups such as the poker player’s alliance to get the law changed or repealed.

Helen asks…

What is the legal age to gamble with real money on in Florida?

I’m 18 and I currently play on pokerstars with play money. I want to begin playing with real money but I can’t really find a definite answer anywhere wether it’s okay or not, so I just want to know straight up from personal experience if anyone knows if it’s legal, and if you can deposit with „echecks“ easily and how the cashout process works. Thanks.

admin answers:

Yes it is legal to gamble in online casinos in Florida. And the legal age for gambling for real money is 18 years. So you can gamble with real money there.
Yes the deposit can be quite easily done by echecks. It takes almost 24 hours for the complete transaction.

Susan asks…

How long does it take if you withdrawal an echeck from pokerstars to get into your account?

I cashed out through pokerstars doing an echeck, how long does it take to reach your account?

admin answers:

It took me about five weeks.

Nancy asks…

How do i get a pic for pokerstars?

A friend convinced me to get a Pokerstars account but i can’t figure out how to get a picture for my player to be shown on the table and he never tried to get a pic.


admin answers:

At the top menus, click on „Account“, then click on „Select/Change Image“.

Follow the instructions from there.

Thomas asks…

Whats the Pokerstars Million Dollar challenge password for November 22nd?

Anyone know the password for the Pokerstars Million Dollar Challenge freeroll tournament episode that aired today November 22nd? I missed the episode today on Fox.
JAYDE is the password. Thank you.

admin answers:

If you’d like the password go to and check out the freeroll schedule. Also be sure to sign up to the news letter so you will recieve the passwords to these tournaments and private freeroll tournaments by Email.

UPDATE: Be sure that you get the password from for today because the Emails were already sent to existing members.

If you sign up to the news letter now you won’t recieve the password today but you will get the next one and every one after that.

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