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Linda asks…

What is the Definition of Stakes in a Friendly neighborhood Poker Games

I got this book called rules of neighborhood poker and in it it says that the normal stake is for a neighborhood poker game is 50 cents to 2 dollars. Does stakes mean how much every player can put down in one round of betting. Example: If the stake is 1 dollar and the first person bets a dollar no one can raise it. OR Or does it mean that 1 dollar is the most that the pot can be raised at a time. Example: If the Stake is 1 dollar and the first person puts in a dollar, then the second person can raise that to 2 dollars and the person after that can raise that to 3 dollars?

admin answers:

Actually it`s not your fault in being confused here. I`m not sure either. In stakes we generally mean what the blinds are and this is usually expressed as the small and big blind. So I guess they mean the big blind varying from 50 cents to 2 dollars but who knows really. You don`t need a book to set the stakes for your games though, just decide that among the players and go with what is agreed to.

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Lisa asks…

what percentage of poker games should you win to be considered a good/great player?

i play alot of tables with either 9 players, 18 players or 27 players. sometimes 45 players. what percentage of those games do i have 2 win in order to be considered a good player? and what percentage of those games do i have to make the top 3 to be considered a good player?

admin answers:

I used to play the sit n go’s on PokerStars like you are talking about. I would say that I was in the money 35 to 40% of the time. I would play in anything from $1 to $10.

Then I found a much better sit n go to play. The 6 player. I played in anywhere from $10 to $50 and my winning percentage went up to a little more than 55%. Much better odds of winning on these tables and much better play.

Steven asks…

Where can I find poker games in Houston?

I’ve heard that the Greater Houston Area has a legendary underground circuit. How do I find it? I’m interested in cash games and $50 buy-in tournaments, I’m going to Vegas in 1 year and I want to get my game back to sharp as it has been a while since I’ve played regularly.

admin answers:

You should be able to find a few games here:

Take care

Donald asks…

Yahoo games – what happens in poker when you run out of money?

When playing the yahoo games online, when your playing the poker game, what happens if you run out of your money? Do they re-stock you or something?

admin answers:

The game is over unless you are able to use your credit card.

Jenny asks…

Why is poker card games legal gambling but not slot machines in California?

You can lose a quarter on a game of slot machine but usually you lose a lot more on a hand of poker, so why is one legal and the other not in California? (aside from on Indian reservations).
Isn’t playing the Lottery 100% chance? That’s legal too.

admin answers:

There was a famous court case long ago in CA that established Poker is a game of skill more than it is a game of luck. This is why certain poker games are legal in CA.

Also, Poker is not played against the House. The House earns a fee (also known as a rake) from the players. The House doesn’t really care who wins as long as there is no cheating. The only concern the house has is filling empty poker tables with players and making sure those people keep coming back.

As for the lottery, that game is 99.99% chance. There is one way to use skill but it won’t improve your odds much. A lottery player can use skill by picking his or her own numbers on a multiple game lotto draw. If a player enters five games in the draw and uses five unique sets of numbers (no repeat numbers on any game), then he or she can improve the odds of winning. But the odds are still horrible even with that system. Also, the government justifies lottery games because of all the good things the money is spent on. It’s nice to create your own reality and justify running a gambling game that features the worst odds out there.

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