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Ruth asks…

how long does it take for my money to be deposited into my pokerstars account?

I used a visa credit card to deposit $10 into my pokerstars account. After i deposited it doesn’t say anything in the transaction history and my $10 isn’t in my account and can’t play for real money. Do you know what the problem is?

admin answers:

E Check (your checking account) and western union.. That’s it in the US..
Unless your in Washington State.. Then your going to prison.. Man I’m glad I moved from there.

Lizzie asks…

Can a 17 year old enter freeroll tournaments on PokerStars?

I am 17 but I want to play in a freeroll tournament on PokerStars. Would I be able or do they make sure that I am 18 or 21.

admin answers:

You cannot. Even if you lied about it, you would be violating federal law by agreeing to their Terms of Service(Which you have to do in order to play), and any winnings would be void.

Ken asks…

What has a better reward program full tilt poker or pokerstars?

Well I’ve tried both but I think fulltilt’s rakeback alone is wayyy better then pokerstars vip reward program, even at platinum level and the new stellar rewards it so slow its like comparing apples to peas..
maybe supernova elite might be like close to getting 20% rakeback..

admin answers:

If you are going to put in the volume pokerstars is the way to go. If you play occasionally then full tilt will be giving you higher rakeback.

Sharon asks…

Is there anyway that I can Transfer Poker Funds from PokerStars to Fulltilt Poker?

I want to take money from my pokerstars account and add it to my full tilt poker account. Like 10-15 bux!

admin answers:

There are some sites where you can negotiate trades but as for directly transferring the funds yourself it’s not possible. I would suggest just waiting to make your deposit at Full Tilt but you can search for forums that do these trades, be careful though.

Robert asks…

What are the methods to pay and cashout in Pokerstars?

Hello everyone.. Am living in the UK and i need a reliable method to deposit as well as cashout through the same gateway. I have a Mastercard and am able to deposit in Pokerstars but am not able to cashout using it. Hence is there any method for anyone living in the UK to deposit and cashout without any issue playing in Pokerstars?

Is it possible to cashout using some other option where we use some other option to deposit??

admin answers:

Open an ewallet…i am currently using moneybookers…u can move money around different sites for free….only time u get charged is when u withdraw and that costs like $5

so how it works is that u would upload money onto moneybookers either through a CC or bank account…and then deposit onto stars through MB…way better option

i have played on over 20 sites and have always used MB

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