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Maria asks…

how to make announcement rules in a poker tournaments?

i just want to know what is the perfect to make announcement in a poker tournaments or to make announcement on public audio?

admin answers:

„perfect“? Did you perhaps mean „procedure“? If so, typically the house rules will be posted on a wall or listed on handouts given to the players when they sign up.

Susan asks…

What are the best rules for strip poker?

How is the best way to play? Buying/selling clothing with chips? Wagering clothing directly? Lose a hand, lose clothing? Be specific and explain how you play for the most fun and nudity.

admin answers:

I’ve always played lose a hand lose an article of clothing… Win a hand acquire clothing… The loser is the 1 person with the wost hand, the winner is the 1 person with the best hand per deal…

We always start out with everyone wearing an equal number of articles (in many cases that has required giving some people index cards representing an article of clothing so everyone is equal)

Draw cards (High card wins) to see who deals first and then the deal passes to the right… The dealer calls the game (I.E. 5 card draw one eyed jacks and kings with an axe wild, 7 card stud, etc. Etc. Etc.).. Players can’t fold… Everyone is in until the end of each hand….

Acquired clothing articles are either an actual article taken off by a player (If the player has lost an article) or an index card representing an article( if the player has no article they have actually lost)…

Play ends when all players but 1 is nude…. That player is the winner for the night…

Depending on the group playing we have added a twist allowing nude players to continue playing by taking a truth or dare if they lose a hand.. (the player must alternate truth then dare for subsequent loses) The winner of a hand in which a nude player loses gets the privilege of posing the truth question or issuing the dare…

Charles asks…

This is a poker rules question?

Last night I was playing poker with some friends and we decided to play a new version of Omaha Hold Em‘ . We played Omaha with low in your hole wild. So to get to the point I had a Royal Flush with my wild card and my friend had 5 of a kind with 2 wild cards? Who wins, does it just matter on what the house rules are? I said there is no 5 of a kind and they said there is when you play with wild cards. If I am wrong, that’s ok I just wanted other opinions on rules??

admin answers:

In most wild card games the 5 of a kind would be the best hand.

John asks…

What are the rules to poker?

Alright you may think this is a stupid question but really im serious about it. I want to start playing poker. texas hold em. But i dont know the rules. I dont know what cards would be good, i know what a pair is. but royal flush, full house and things like that i do not know. What cards do i need to make them.

admin answers:

Each player is dealt two cards (hole cards) which belong only to that player.

Five community cards are dealt face-up on the board. All players may use these cards in conjunction with their own hole cards to make the best 5 card hand possible. To view the rankings of poker hands, visit our hand rankings page at

In Holdem, a disc also known as the button, serves to indicate which player is the nominal dealer for the current game. Before the game begins, the player immediately clockwise from the button posts the small blind, typically half a small bet (for example, $1 in a $2/$4 game). The player immediately clockwise to the small blind posts the big blind, which is always a full small bet (for example, $2 in a $2/$4 game). Now, each player receives his or her two hole cards. Betting action proceeds around the table, starting with the player immediately clockwise to the big blind.
Players may now fold, check, call the big blind, or raise. In Limit games, the raise is limited to one small bet. In Pot Limit the maximum raise is the pot (the amount currently in the pot, plus his call), whereas in No Limit the maximum raise can be any amount of chips.


Now, the flop is dealt face-up on the board. The flop is the first three community cards available to all active players. Betting begins with the active player immediately clockwise the button. Again, in Limit games, all bets and raises at this point occur in small bets (increments of $2 in a $2/$4 game).


When betting action is completed for the flop round, the turn is dealt face-up on the board. The turn is the fourth community card in a Holdem game. Betting begins with the active player immediately clockwise the button. On this round in Limit games, betting doubles from the small bet to the big bet. In a $2/$4 game, betting on the turn is done in $4 increments.


When betting action is completed for the turn round, the river is dealt face-up on the board. The river is the fifth and final community card in a Holdem game. Betting begins with the active player immediately clockwise from the button.

If there is more than one remaining player when the final betting round is complete, the last bettor or raiser shows his or her cards. If there was no bet on the final round, the player immediately clockwise the button shows his or her cards first. The player with the best five-card hand wins the pot. In the event of identical hands, the pot will be equally divided between the players with the best hands.

Carol asks…

can you provide rules of some easy poker games that children can play?

hi i’m wondering what poker games that i can play with children. as a immigrant, i need the knowledge of the names and rules of some popular or easy poker games that people usually play in the US. (sometimes it’s hard to teach them what i used to play in english)
please provide me some games!~

admin answers:

Well texas hold-ems is my favorite
other games are black jack,switch,jin rummy

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