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Ken asks…

Is there a way for Americans to deposit and withdraw money from pokerstars and fullt tilt?

I heard a lot of the funds of pokerstars and full tilt poker were frozen. Is there any way for Americans to deposit and withdraw?

admin answers:

I’m not exactly sure what has happened with paper checks, but I know eChecks are temporarily disabled. Something similar happened last year to a lesser extent. Players couldn’t get payouts due to different processor issues. Eventually, they decided to add a Western Union option for a temporary fix. It worked great. I imagine something similar might pop up to take payouts, too.

For depositing, you can always try a credit/debit card or a prepaid card.

Laura asks…

Why does Pokerstars allow you to hide yourself from searches?

I’ve often noticed when checking to see how many tables a player is playing at one time their name doesn’t come up when I do a search. I discovered that you can hide yourself from searches from the lobby screen. Why does Pokerstars do this? I could understand if you were trying to avoid a specific, abusive individual, but blocking a player is different than removing yourself from all searches. Why does Pokerstars give this as an option?

admin answers:

Their policy is (apparently) the user’s right to privacy. If he/she doesn’t want to be found via a search, they shouldn’t be

Mary asks…

What happens if I play with real money in Pokerstars? Am I going to get charged?

I have 5 dollars in my account, which was givven to me free by pokerstars and I used them. What will happen now?

admin answers:

A lot of „game“ sites will give you a couple bucks if you haven’t played for a while. Trying to get you to come back. You won’t get charged for it. They’re just hoping to suck you into making a deposit.

Donna asks…

Why is everyone on Pokerstars so amazing at poker?

I used to get in the top 3 everytime I played with friends but everyone on Pokerstars plays so agressive. I guess they have broken down the math in poker so that going all in with specific cards will profit. Also, people with nothing will just re raise you over and over without anyting at all. I thought I knew how to play poker but these guys are like kamikaze pilots crashing into each other until only one exists with all the money. I even profited playing at Casinos.

admin answers:

People can make these moves online, because nobody would do that in a live game, who wants to look stupid in front of others, it is easy to hide behind a computer. If you play small games, then you will see a lot. I try to stay away from these guys and let them knock each other out. I take notes on who plays like that so I know in the future.

Just the other day, I got knocked out with Ace King by a guy who called my raise with 5 8 offsuit. Of course he called me all the way and hot his straight on the river. I was mad, but I know more than not, I will beat these guys by playing smart poker.

Susan asks…

What credit card works for pokerstars deposit?

Did anyone have any luck using credit cards to deposit funds on Pokerstars? I tried my mastercard and visa but they don’t work. (US)

admin answers: – I personally use this card for paypal, ebay and shopping in internet. Never had any problems.

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