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Robert asks…

poker players: what do you think about jeff shulman’s comments concerning the wsop?

for those who don’t know what i’m talking about:

there seems to be a pretty inspired debate in the poker world now as to whether or not jeff is disgracing poker by saying he’ll renounce the bracelet if he wins, which is apparently the way some people feel…while it would certainly be nice if he went around doing what everyone else would do with that bracelet, if he wins it he’s entitled to do what he wants with it, and he wants to make a statement about the way the wsop is run by just not accepting it

in addition, part of the basis for my opinion is that he’s right about the way the wsop is run, not all players are treated equally and the series itself has certainly deteriorated in stature from years past in terms of the decisions that are made and the treatment of the players as a whole

so, 2 questions:
1. is jeff disrespecting the game in some way by renouncing the bracelet?
2. are his criticisms reason enough for him to want to do something like this?

admin answers:

I agree with most of his criticisms of the WSOP. It’s gotten to be a shabby, commercialized, overhyped tournament ove the last few years, specifically since Harrahs‘ took over Binions. I hope he gives the bracelet to charity or in a tourney among those who were excluded.
Note: I haven’t watched Colbert in the last month or so. Has he mentioned or done stories on the WSOP?

Mark asks…

How should I break the news to my wife?

I lost a poker game to the Chinese mob, and now my wife has to work as a call girl for them.

admin answers:

Same way my dad broke it to me, he left home without notice and left me with nothing but a thong and a leather mini skirt and an egg roll stapled to my door.

Sandra asks…

is it illegal for a poker tournament be held in a facility that is not a licensed casino?

reason I ask is cause, I heard on the news a couple of days ago some under ground poker thingie got raided.

I want to make sure before I enter in some poker tournaments ad from online.
btw I’m from NYC

admin answers:

What the heck is Strom talking about??? You didn’t even ask about online poker! She’s the type of person who just answers to get points I bet.

As for playing poker, you can play anywhere in NYC as long as there is no rake being taken. If there is a 100% pay-out, you’ll be ok. If the house is taking a rake, I’d stay away.

Sharon asks…

If this woman had a face like a bag of spanners would she still be big news?

Or is the fact that´s she´s good looking the key to this story being so prominently featured?

admin answers:

Some people have got it s*dding all!!

Thomas asks…

Will the new table gaming law bill that was passed in West Virginia include Poker?

I’m a big Texas Hold’em fan, and live about an hour away from the nearest casino in WV. It would be great news if I can someday in the near future drive an hour to play poker live!
Thank you for any information you can provide!

admin answers:

Only makes sense that WVA would up the ante as it were; they are gonna have to beat the options that those crappy Pittsburgh Casinos offer, if Pittsburgh ever actually gets the damn thing built.

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