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Michael asks…

online poker?????????

is it really illegal to play poker on places like party poker or full tilt now?? i saw something on the news about it??

admin answers:

I still play online… And havent gone to jail yet lol so I dont think so if it were they wouldnt let you put money on the account to play with dont worry about it

Joseph asks…

did president bush pass the online poker „ban“ bill?

I heard he was supposed to sign it today, yet have found no news on the topic?

admin answers:

Yes. He learned how to write just in time to sign the bill. It went into effect today.

Mary asks…

Whats with Obamas Friends?Another one?How many more?Poker Buddies?
How does this always happen to him?Is this slander or does he have poor judgement in choosing his partners?Nievety?

admin answers:

And the sad thing is the democrats don’t care. They are more concerned about how Palin pronounces nuclear than to look are the things that are actually important.

George asks…

Should US rich class corporate geniuses take a basic course in poker?

US rich class corporate geniuses‘ bluff results in a folded hand in tiny FIJI:

admin answers:


John asks…

poker nights?

A group of lads got together to play poker one night when after about 4hours of playing,Tim had severe chest pains and suddenly slumped over.One of the gamblers,who happened to be a doctor,examined him and to everybodies shock, poor Tim had died of a heart attack.
All his friends didnt know how to break the news to Tims wife,so finally Johnny stood up and said “I can be diplomatic about it and break the news gently“.
Johnny rang the door bell at Tims house and when Tims wife answered the door, he calmly said to her “Tim just lost a 1000 quid in a poker game with the lads“.
When Tims wife heard this she angrily said “tell him to drop dead“
Johnny answered “thats exactly what he did“.

admin answers:

Good one. Worth a few chuckles.

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