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Michael asks…

I just bought an old mechanical calculator?

As stated, this calculator has a stylus that you use to move a ribbon moving the numbers, it only has an add, subtract, and multiply function. The only identifying markings are odd swirls on the copper front. Any ideas on how to use it?

admin answers:

It might be an Addiator. If you search that word, you can find instructions.

Susan asks…

Calculator to find hair and eye color?

I’m just curious to find out what my baby would look like. Is there anything online that can calculate the odds of having a blue eyed baby or blonde haired baby?

admin answers:

Here’s a Punnett square calculator. It’ll do it for you once you put in your and husband’s info….

Joseph asks…

where is a free online trigonometry graphing calculator that i can view the work.?

i am trying to determine amplitude of each function. then graph the function and y = sin x in the same rectangular coordinate system for 0 <= x <=2pie. i have the odd number answers in the back of the book but am trying to learn it.

please dont just type in trig calculator and send me the link. i want to see some links that you guys/gals have used and like.


admin answers:

Try this!

Download Graph 4.4 from for free.

On „Axes“, change the range of edge x from 0 to 2*pi, then „OK“.

On „Insert function“, type sin(x), then „OK“.

Thomas asks…

What are the odds we’ll have a blue-eyed kid?

I have very pale grey/blue eyes, but both of my birth-parents have brown eyes (and brown hair). Although I have not met them in person, I have spoken with them on the phone. Obviously, I inherited some recessive traits.

My husband has brown eyes, and his parents have brown eyes, too.

I know our children will most likely have brown eyes, but what is the probability they will have light colored eyes like me?

I found an „eye color“ calculator online, but it DOESN’T WORK. So if you post a link to one of those things, please make sure it works.

Also – I just want to make clear that I could care less what color eyes my future children have. Because I am adopted, I do not look like ANYONE I have ever known in my entire life, and statistically speaking, my kids probably won’t look like me, either.

admin answers:

We understand the blue eye allelle pretty well, but NOT the green or gray eyed one, and we’re just now starting to realize that at least two allelles, and probably 3-4 are responsible for eye color. It used to be said that gray, and green were „expressions of blue“ and now we know that just isn’t it.

Gray+green seem to be at least partially codominant, and it’s pretty well documented that gray+green yields a kid with brown eyes and blue+gray gives a kid with blue eyes (usually), so it may be that green and gray are caused by something missing on the gene that the other fills in. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the current theory is that there is a green that is dominant AND a green that is recessive, and they look the same….

Just because your hubbie’s folks have brown eyes doesn’t mean he’s homozygous for the genes that yield brown. He probably is, and gray+brown probably yields brown, but unlike simple blue, if you’re a gray not a blue, and he’s got blue, green or gray hiding in there, all bets are off!

Eye color is not like pea flowers or lab dog colors, so we’re kinda stuck when it comes to calculating.

Brown does tend to over ride other things, but we just don’t understand the gray allelle AT ALL.
If you’re a blue, not a gray, it’s a little simpler (maybe) If your husband is a brown-blue, your kid might have blue, and if he’s a brown-green, you might have brown, and if he’s a brown-brown, you might have brown.

My ex was blue eyed, my mom green, my dad gray, and my son and I are brown. One of my grandparent’s eyes are almost black they are so darkly green-brown, so I am a living example of probably some of the weirdest combinations around, and I just throw back ordinary brown. 🙂

Mandy asks…

Surely the premium bond Calculator they use is wrong?

It doesn’t matter if you keep your money in for one month or ten years, you have the same odds on a month to month basis, as long as you keep same amount in.

admin answers:

If the draw is made using all the numbers in existence then the odds are the same in every draw (which I think is the case)

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