Your Questions About Poker Games

Linda asks…

How do I download the software for poker games, and what do I do next?

admin answers:

Go to FullTilt Poker’s or PokerStars‘ site with their .NET domains, these sites with their .NET domains provide free money game. There you will find an option for downloading the game’s software. Go download it, and practice your free game. When you feel it enough for playing for real then go to the same site but with its .COM domain this time as these sites are the real money games provider. And then try your real money games there.

Richard asks…

How do you add omaha poker to yahoo games?

Wanting to play omaha poker, how can i add this game on yahoo?

admin answers:

They don’t offer omaha….just texas hold em…

If you want to play omaha and other poker games, go to You can play with play money.

Thomas asks…

Are there any online casinos with IGT’s Multistrike Video Poker games?

I played Multistrike Video Poker last time I went to Vegas. Fun game.

admin answers:

I love Multistrike Video Poker too. Several online casinos with Microgaming software have a game which is nearly identical to IGT’s Multistrike video poker game, complete with the free ride cards too!

Here’s the site with the info you are looking for:

Good luck and have fun!

Mark asks…

What is the best website for poker games that u dont have to download onto your computer?

admin answers:

You have to download all of them. And I think the best is party poker.

Steven asks…

How to play poker games?

hello i was wonder if anyone knows how to play poker casino games so that i can learn, i really want some money

admin answers:

If you go to they have an online poker guide there that will give you the basics for playing different types of poker plus a few tips and hints as well so that you can start winning soon to.

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