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Paul asks…

How did Newton create Calculus?

I am taking this course right now, and I am pretty lost. I don’t understand how he figured out these odd formulas and properties that are so different from „regular“ math. Or how he did this all by hand. Without my graphing Calculator, I would be nowhere.

admin answers:

I think he was fairly obsessed with math, and looked for any new ideas or concepts. He was into several occult studies such as alchemy as well. He didn’t let anyone’s rules and traditional way of looking at things hinder his way of thinking. He came up with calculus about the same time as a mathematician named Liebnitz. I think back then that working with pencil, paper, compass and such was as much of an intriguing amusement and wonder to them as modern day people love technology.

David asks…

Quick math question that I cannot figure!? Thanks! :)?

Use the even-odd properties to find the exact value of the given expression. Do not use a calculator guys!

sec (-pi / 3) = ?

Thanks! <3 xoxo

P.S. – Tell me if it undefinable if you cannot define it.

admin answers:

Sec( -π/3) = 1/cos(-π/3) = since cos is even function =
1/cos(π/3) = 1 / ½ = 2

Lizzie asks…

Math help please! (precalculus)?

I really need help solving this problem!

If cos 550 degrees = – .9848, then sin -80 degrees = ?

I can’t use a calculator, I have to use cofunctions, coterminal angles and even/odd functions. I am really lost as how to start.

admin answers:

This isn’t too bad if you draw the angles into the quadrants where they are located.

Okay, first locate 550 degrees using its coterminal angle between 0 and 360. Do 550-360 and you see that the cos(550) = cos(190). Draw the location of 190 and you see it is in quadrant 3, just 10 degrees from the x axis.

Okay, now locate -80 degrees using its coterminal angle between 0 and 360. Do -80+350 and you see that sin(-80) = sin(280). Draw the location of 280 and you see it is in quadrant 4, and 80 degrees from the x-axis.

SO, you notice that the cosine one is 10 degrees from the x axis and the sine one is 80 degrees from the x axis and since 10 and 80 are complementary angles, then the cosine of one will equal the sine of the other. (Just like the cos(30) and sin(60).)

So, sin(-80) = -.9848

Daniel asks…

please help me with my daughters math homework!?

hey everyone in my last question i made a typo so now i will make sure there r no typos so i can get some help

Students in Mrs.Langs class are either 10,11,or 12 years old. David entered his age into a calculator and multiplied it by a three digit odd number. The result is a number that has the digit in the ones place. How old is david?

Thanks if you could help.
im not doing it for her when she came to me and asked me to help her i couldnt so i asked you guys and now i now the answer and im will let her figure it out cuz i now how to do it now

admin answers:

I think david is 10. Mulitply by 111 and the asnwer is still in the ones place

William asks…

I need some help here with my math homework! :)?

Use the even-odd properties of the trigonometric functions to find the exact value of the given expression. Don’t use a calculator guys!

cos (- pi / 4)

Make sure you simplify the answer (including radicals)!

Thank you so much! <3 🙂

admin answers:


Cosine is an even function and its negative arguments are always equal to its positive arguments.

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