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Richard asks…

How do i become a better poker player?

I play online ( fake and real money). I just started playing real money online 2 days ago.
I am playing the penny tables and i played a s&go tourney the other day.
I placed 8th in the tourney (out of 18).

I really want to become a better player. Any tips? Any books to read? Any general recommendations for a beginning poker player?

Thanks everyone for the feedback, i am sure it will help me out.

admin answers:

One of the best ways to get better is to just play a lot more. I’d say to play the free ones for a while.

Helen asks…

How do I distribute 600 4-color poker chips in a home game of five card draw?

I am planning a ladies monthly poker night, if we each put in twenty dollars and there are five of us, how should I split the chips up? What would be the denominations of the chips? Do you play till there is only one left with chips for the whole pot, or if its by denomination, can you split the pot at the end of the evening based on what chips everyone has?

admin answers:

**mrwonderfull – you’re starting to make me dizzy with your CAPS LOCK** :

You need to make 1 important decision – do you want this to be a Tournament or do you want this to be a straight CASH game?

If you make it a tournament, you’ll set up some rules so that by the end of the night, 1 person has ALL the chips. Perhaps the person that came in 2nd place wins $30 and the person that came in 1st place wins $70. (Maybe $35 for 2nd and $65 for 1st.)

If you decide on a tournament, do a search for „how to set up a 5-card draw tournament“. Tons of people have created many different workable ways to do this.

If it were me, I’d stay with the „CASH“ game. This is WAY easier, and basically what you win is what you keep.

I’ve got friends that like to play for only $5 in a fun home game we play once in a while. For that, we set a 5-cent minimum and a 25-cent maximum bet for the night.

If you’re each buying in for $20, I’d go with a 25-cent minimum bet and either a 1-dollar, or $1.50, or $2.00 maximum bet. I think with 5-card draw I’d go with a 1-dollar maximum bet BEFORE the draw, and a 2-dollar maximum bet AFTER the draw.

If you like this system, here’s the way to break it down: Assign 1 color as 25-cent chips, 1 color as 50-cent chips, and 1 color as 1-dollar chips.

You can do 1 of three things with the fourth color: 1 – Forget about it and just use 3 colors. 2 – Make them 2-dollar chips. 3 – Make them 10-cent chips for a 10-cent ante each game. You all might like a 10-cent ante rather than a 25-cent ante. Think it through – in a 10-cent ante game, there will be 50 cents starting each pot. If you have to do a 25-cent ante, that will mean a $1.25 in the pot before the cards are dealt. It’s up to you as to how much you want to ante.

If it were me, I think I’d go with the 4th color being 10-cents each so everyone could ante 10-cents at the start of each hand. (That would be the ONLY purpose of the 10-cent chips.)

If you like how I’ve laid it out, here are the starting chips I would give folks for their 20-dollar buy in:

10 X 10-cent chips. (You’ll need 50 of those total to accommodate the 5 of you.) ($1.00 total)

20 X 25-cent chips. (You’ll need 100 of those.) ($5.00 total)

18 X 50-cent chips. (You’ll need 90 of those.) ($9.00 total)

5 x $1.00 chips. (You’ll need just 25 of those.) ($5.00 total)

This is just a guide. I don’t think you should stray too much from my suggestion, but stray away to suit your needs and desires for a fun game!!!

When the night is over, each person count their own chips. What they have is what they get!

Have some change around so you can give people exact change at the end. (Or tell people to buy in with 18 dollars plus 2-dollars worth of change.)

Thomas asks…

How does a professional poker player file taxes?

I’ve made quite a bit of money last year playing cash game poker on the side and I’m thinking of quitting my day job and going full time. How does a professional poker player file taxes and their annual salary? How does the IRS verify the income reported is true? Must you report every cent of your winnings minus the losses?

admin answers:

Any game you play in that the winnings can be verified would have to be reported (casinos). Games in the back room need not be reported. You should show sufficient income to maintain your life style. If you are winning lots of money and spending it so that there is a paper trail i.e. Credit cards, bank accounts. The IRS will eventually catch up to you.

Maria asks…

Does God cause a poker player to run good or bad?

I’m asking this specifically of you poker players who believe in God. Would God suspend the laws of mathematics, including probability and variance, to cause a poker player to get more than his mathematical share of good or bad cards? What are your thoughts about this?

admin answers:

A famous mathematician used to ask half of his students to flip a coin 200 times and ask them to write a long list of heads or tails on a piece of paper. The other half of the class would simply fake the data. With an almost perfect acuraccy he could tell the real data from the fake data.
The problem is that most people think that streaks are unnatural. In reality 200 coin tosses have a probability of over 96.531% of having a streak of length 6, a 79.928% probability of a streak of length 7, and a 54.187% of having a streak of length 8. People who are faking data tend to stop streaks at length of 4 or 5, whereas as real data has longer streaks. The professor simply divides the papers into two piles: those with streaks of 6 or more, and those with less. With a high degree of certainty he will have seperated the fake data from the real data.
Most gamblers fail to realize that playing a game without „streaks“ (good or bad) is actually extremely unlikely. It is a major psychological tendancy of human beings that has been studied by neurologists and psychologists. People often get a streak and they either praise or berate God (or their luck).

BTW: to calculate those percentages you really need to understand Markov Transition matrices. It’s not a simple calculation.

Chris asks…

What is the best casino to play poker at in Atlantic City?

Me and my buddy are pretty solid poker players (amateur, but better than the tourists who only watch on TV), and we are going to visit Atlantic City on either Friday afternoon or Saturday during the day (maybe both). I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions for the best casino?

Which casino has the best limit games, any tournaments on Friday night or Saturday morning, and finally, the best buffet (since we’ll be getting lunch or dinner in AC at some point). Thanks!

admin answers:

Now this is a subject I can sick my teeth into:

Best Limit Poker- Borgata. It has the nicest and largest room with the widest selection of games, and a decent amount of people with more money than knowledge.

Best Tournaments- Showboat (for low buy-ins). Showboat has daily tournaments at 11am, 2pm, 7pm and 11pm (call ahead 1800Harrahs to check buy-ins and make sure that the tournaments are going ahead…this weekend they canceled two because the poker room was so full). The buy-ins for Fri and Sat are in the 100-120 range. Hilton also has decent 75-100 tournaments. Borgata has higher buy-in tournaments on weekends and a wide range of Sit-N-Gos (from 60+15 to 250+20).

Buffet- I had the brunch buffet at Borgata this weekend and everything was great. Also, the Bally’s Wild West Buffet is pretty good too.

Good luck.

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