Your Questions About Pokerstars

Jenny asks…

does anyone know how to copy/paste into the pokerstars chat box?

It doesnt let me copy/paste any text whatsoever into the chat box in pokerstars. Cant imagine why they would do that, does anyone know if its possible?

admin answers:

They do not allow you to copy and paste into the chat box to prevent spamming, which would otherwise be quite common.

David asks…

Where can i trade pokerstars play money for full tilt play money?

I have pokerstars play money but i want to trade for full tilt poker play money. does anyone know where i could do this?

admin answers:

You can’t do it. You can’t transfer „play money“ from one site to another. You can log onto full tilt and get free play money and go from there but that’s about your only option.

Thomas asks…

Where can I buy a Pokerstars hoodie and hat?

There isn’t a store on, and I’d prefer to not buy one on ebay. Does anyone know any stores where I can buy these?

admin answers:

Let me Google that for you.

Looks like there’s some on Amazon.

Sandra asks…

Whats better fulltilt poker or pokerstars for rewards?

Pokerstars offers no rakeback just their vip reward program which is good but kinda slow and it seems it only starts paying off once you reach supernova+, on the other hand fulltilt has rakeback which seems way superior even without their very mediocre rewards program.. So what do you think?

admin answers:

Poker star is probably easier to win money with. They have a loop hole found in their system.


Sharon asks…

Is there a way I can get my lost money back from pokerstars?

I have lost a lot of money online from pokerstars and I have read that online gambling is illegal in the U.S. so they can’t legally use a US government ID to let you play for money online. Is there a way i can get my money back?

admin answers:

No, as is your argument is nullified because you knowingly did something illegal. Learn to play poker, or get help with your gambling problem.

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