Your Questions About Poker Rules

John asks…

can anyone tell me briefly the rules of poker?

and any poker ‚talk‘ i may need to understand.

admin answers:

Please visit these sites :
You’ll get even more than you need !

Betty asks…

World Series of Poker rules question?

Can you play ipod games or read a book while playing at the World Series of Poker? I ask this because i saw someone doing it so i guess it’s cool. But when i play at the Bellagio they told me I can’t read at the table…

admin answers:


Thomas asks…

How do you play poker, send me the rules or something (Texas HoldEm)?

admin answers:

You start out by getting two cards. These are called the pocket cards. These are yours don’t let anyone see them. You look at these cards and begin the first round of betting. There are two people to the left of the dealer. They must „post blinds.“ These blinds are forced anties and you cannot skip them. The person to the immediate left of the dealer is the small blind. The small blind MUST put in half of the minimum bet. The big blind is to the immediate left of the small blind. He must put the minimum bet. The first round of betting (and all succeeding rounds of betting for this hand) start with the person to the immediate left of the big blind. He either calls the minimum bet to stay or he folds. The betting goes all the way around the table to the big blind. If no one bets, the big blind either checks or he raises. Next, the Flop cards go out. These consists of three cards. These are everyone’s cards and they can use them to form a hand, or a group of five cards. After this betting goes on again. The person who was the big blind DOES NOT (same goes for the small blind) need to put anything in this time around. Everyone either checks (does not bet If someone has already bet, he cannot check he must either call or raise or fold.) calls (matches a bet) bets(self explanatory) raises (increases a bet) or folds (is out for this hand and does not match the bet, he cannot win) After betting, the Turn comes out. This is a fourth card that also belongs to everyone. After this is played betting begins again. After betting, the fifth and final card is set out called the River. This also belongs to everybody. Everyone bets again and after betting you look at your pocket cards and make the best hand possible utilizing your pocket cards and the five cards in the middle (called the community cards) The person with the best hand wins. (For information about the different hands, see the link in the source) And that’s how you play Texas Hold’em.

Helen asks…

Is it against the rules to fold after going all-in in poker?

I know it would be ridiculously stupid, but my friend did it to prove a point and it changed the course of our game.

admin answers:

NOt to my knowledge against the rules, but a really bad idea. If you’re going all in, then don’t fold because either way, you’re losing all your money. You want a shot at staying in the game.

Donald asks…

Hey just want to know the basic rules for poker and how you play.?

My friends and I are trying to get a basic set of rules and way to play set up. We all play differently and need just one good way. We dont really play for money, just fun

admin answers:

here’s a brief explanation on the rules
it is easy to understand

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