Your Questions About Poker Face

William asks…

How long should it take to learn how to play Poker Face on piano?

i have the 8 pages and learned how to play the thing seperately on both hands so far in 30 min. how long will it take to play the whole thing with both hands?

admin answers:

It all depends on your pace. Some people are fast learners and some people are slow learners.

Thomas asks…

What are some good costumes for a dance to the song Poker Face?

I am doing a dance with my friends and we need some creative and not too expensive ideas for the costume. One girl is the „dealer“ and the rest of us are the players. Thanks 🙂

admin answers:

3 Q tights‘ and a shimmery silver singlet. With alot of makeup! Lots of shimmery eyeshadow. And lots of mascara and eyeliner. And lip gloss!

James asks…

Is Poker Face by Lady GaGa the worst song you ever heard?

I heard about and I checked it out. It’s so bad I couldn’t listen to the entire 30 second sample from iTunes! I had to turn it off!

admin answers:

I think so i really do.

David asks…

How to get hair like Lady Gagas In poker face where it sticks out?

Its where the hari just like sticks out all the way around her head i would like to know how to do that, im not crazy i am just going to dress as her for something haha.. Thanks for all the answers 🙂

admin answers:

Um you just said your doing your hair like dora but ok….

Helen asks…

What breed are the dogs that Lady Gaga has in her video: Poker Face?

I was told they are Presa Canerios but I’m in doubt. Anyone know for sure?
How bout, has anyone seen the movie: Schindler’s List? they also have 2 security dogs, are those Great Danes?
I’m not planning on getting another dog yet. I have a 1/2 pit bull 1/2 akita mix. I just really like the features of the dog in the video.

admin answers:

Great danes. But if your thinking about owning do some research first

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