Your Questions About Poker Rules

Maria asks…

how to play poker? rules and betting tips?

ive seen a lot of gamesite where poker is the most played so i want to learn too

admin answers:

You can learn to play for free at they provide strategy articles, videos and live coaching sessions. It is free to join and they also provide a free $50 to start providing you can pass their poker quiz. If you are serious about getting good then this is an ideal place to start. They also offer rakeback as well. Their coaches are big winners in the online games.

Linda asks…

what exactly is a motorcycle poker run and what are the rules?

thinking about organizing one and would like to have all the details

admin answers:

You can contact the American Motorcyclist Association for information.
Back in 1978 I attended the 1st Annual National Championship Poker Run in Ohio. 1979 I journeyed to Kentucky for the 2nd Annual National Championship Poker Run. Still have the pins.
Poker Runs are a lot of fun. I have used either best hand with cards or highest number of points based on the last three numbers on carnival tickets.
Good Luck

Lisa asks…

help with Poker rules on raising?

Ill give you the situation:
dealer deals
SEAT 1: puts in 10 dollars (minimum bet is 10)
SEAT 2: calls, and puts in 10 dollars
SEAT 1: raises 15 dollars
here comes the problem, if seat two PUTS IN 50 dollars and seat 1 wants to call it, seat 1 would need to put in 35 dollars or 50dollars?

IF seat 2 RAISED 50 dollars, seat 2 would really be putting in 65 dollars right?

admin answers:

Seat 1 bets $15 and seat 2 raises to $50, seat 1 would either have to fold or match the $50 total. So seat 1 would need to put in $35 more to call the raise of $50 by seat 2.

Sandra asks…

How to find the Rules for the boardgame Deluxe Poker Yahtzee?

admin answers:

A link to Hasbro’s instruction manual in .pdf format is below (they call it Last Chance and that’s what I always knew it as but it apparently also goes by the name Deluxe Poker Yahtzee so I believe this is what you’re looking for).

Robert asks…

Where can I find official poker rules?

Specifically I’m interested in hand rankings. The topic of debate was two flushes in Texas Hold ‚Em, A 7 5 4 3 against A Q 7 5 4, and my group insisted it was a draw, despite showing them a Wikipedia article on hand rankings which said otherwise.

So since they’re going to be sticklers for the source, I’ve been trying to find something which states the WSOP’s or some other governing body of poker’s ruling on things, but my search has turned up empty. Anyone know of, or can help me find, a solid source? I hope to set the record straight for future games with this group.

admin answers:

The AQ flush beats the A7 flush. This is common knowledge.

I have looked for official hand rankings on Harra’s site, but they don’t seem to post them online.

You can find it at poker stars site:

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