Your Questions About Poker Face Lyrics

Nancy asks…

where can i download lady gaga songs free? extreme fan?

Born This Way Lyrics
•Changing Skies Lyrics
•Christmas Tree Lyrics
•Dance In The Dark Lyrics
•Don’t Call My Name Lyrics
•Don’t Call On Me Lyrics
•Earthquake Lyrics
•Eh Eh Lyrics
•Far From Me Lyrics
•Fever (demo) Lyrics
•Filthy Pop Lyrics
•Glitter & Grease Lyrics
•Hooker Lyrics
•Hooker On A Church Corner Lyrics
•I Wish You Were Here Lyrics
•Imagine Lyrics
•Ink Lyrics
•Kaboom Lyrics
•Living On The Radio Lyrics
•Love Game (Remix) Lyrics
•Love Game / Poker Face (Medley) Lyrics
•Love Mail Lyrics
•Oh Well Lyrics
•Optimist Lyrics
•Out Of Control Lyrics
•Reloaded Lyrics
•Rose Thorns Lyrics
•Scream Loud Lyrics
•Submit Lyrics Someone Save Me Lyrics
•Someone Save Me Tonight Lyrics
•Super Lover Lyrics
•Super Star Lyrics
•The Cat (The Fame Remix) Lyrics
•The Heart Interlude Lyrics
•Then You Love Me Lyrics
•Video Phone Lyrics
•Submit Lyrics Vinyl Lyrics
•You And I Lyrics

these are the ones i cannot find. some links where i can donwload them for free, with out a survey, would be greeat:)
i loove lady gaga and really want to have all her songs on my ipod and computer:) a link would be good, or a bunch of links for all the songs:)

thank you:))
uhhh i own all her ALBUMS!! DUHH!!! some of these songs are unreleased, and not on an album!!!! THERE RLY HARD TO FIND:(

admin answers:

I, too, was going to say „extreme fans“ should buy the albums. But, unlike the others, I realise that the songs you listed are not on any albums and are, in fact, unreleased.

You should go onto, make an account and go into the ‚Media‘ then ‚Audio‘ thread. Create a forum there asking for these, or just search for them – I know they are there somewhere.

Some of these songs, however, aren’t even on the internet. They haven’t been leaked or anything, so you won’t find a proper full version of Out Of Control or the entire version of Then You’d Leave Me (which is actually called Earthquake).


Laura asks…

Have you noticed that every song played on Heart FM says the word ‚heart‘ somewhere in the lyrics?

Un-Break My Heart is the most obvious one, but who has noticed that nearly every song played on Heart, somewhere in the lyrics, says the word ‚heart‘ in it?

And although ‚heart‘ is a fairly common word in songs, it’s not like that on other stations.

And who has made the connection with their show ‚Club Classics’……hearts and clubs! Get it?

Their show ‚Heartbreakers‘ also says Heart of course.

I also believe the heart and club connnections were influenced by the release of Poker Face maybe? Seeing as they are also following Poker Face by songs like Stand By Me, Stuck On you (stand and stick are poker terms), and Rule THe World (world poker?)

I am not making it up and they have been doing connectins with the most popular song at the time ever since they were Essex FM.
I must tell you more connections they have done.

You know Girls Aloud’s song The Promise is famous for the line ‚walking primrose‘? Since that’s been out they have been playing blatant flower connections such as Forget Me Nots, Savage Garden, Lily Allen and George Michael’s As (the rose buds know to bloom in early May).

This has stopped now, but about a year ago, they were doing connections with the game Stone, Paper, Scissors. Obviously we were having the Scissor Sisters and Joss Stone, also stuff like Jamelia’s Superstar which says (write it on a piece of paper), and the Steve Miller Band, because of a paper mill!

The first connections I noticed were 2 years or so ago when Grace Kelly and Umbrella were in the charts at the same time. At that time they kept playing Madonna – Vogue which says Grace Kelly in the lyrics. Robbie’s Millennium (we know we’re falling from grace).

Also for Umbrella they were playing „Why Does It Always Rain On me“.

admin answers:

Oh my goodness! I never knew that, but now you’ve mentioned it, I can remember sitting on the beach, and someone had their radio on, listening to heart FM, and I was listening to it too, and I can remember thinking, ‚Why do all these songs have the word heart in them? Is it a special day today?‘
That is rather funny!!

Charles asks…

Tell me what you think of these lyrics? Please (:?

Verse 1 :
Uh, its been awhile tell me whats up an how you been
We ain’t talked for ages i guess it feels good to be here again
You say you’ve got a kid on the way
9 months ago, knocked up an daddy ran away
That’s all good with my new career taken off, ill take care of him
This may seem like Katrina,
but i ain’t FEMA i respond when the war begins
There’s no need to cut my water wings
I’m sky high, floating on clouds and no I’m not high
But i sure am higher than them
I’m still myself blowing up tracks
If you don’t listen might as well just kill your self
Nah please don’t do that, i don’t need that type of image
Critics are still talking 15 years now wheres the applause
I ain’t rapping for the fame i just wanna feel welcome in this game
But to feel welcome you gotta pay your dues
Justin Biebers paying it, all the jokes about him still theres applause
So Justin just keep ya head up, we’ll send the haters our love
X and O’s
You see they can all blow – Pause
Cause all yalls suggestions are no longer important
I’m just saying its best ya know
No longer dreaming, reality so stunning
Man its so bright i hope they document what I’m becoming
Aha Congratulations

[„oh“ ad-libs]

Verse 2 :
So tell me why you still talking shit
Creating unneeded beef, its worse than 50 an the game
Your bringing me down with this constant talking
No bluffing I’m all in anti up, Lady Gaga Poker face
Cause I’m on top of my game monopoly style getting cash all day
Take a picture of what this is gonna be, its a hallmark
Put me in the game clutch it under pressure an just pull it off
Ive got that word series attitude, The super bowl swag
Can’t forget Kobe AKA Mr. Bryant, assassins mentality
Only in 10th grade, GPA 3.3 something
I am out of this world, my flows so ridiculous
I am Mercury and your flows ice cold something like Pluto
Wait that ain’t even a planet so i guess you just faded away
I’m a superstar, shining brighter than your son ever will
Its good luck chuck, break a leg stupid just say good luck
Do you hear that beat, it ain’t my shit but damn its pretty sick
If you think that Ill die before i wake
haha dream on i won’t stop till the game is only left with one

[„oh“ ad-libs]

Verse 3 :
Ever since i started focusing on music Ive been busy
Lost a lot of friends, my pops don’t think ill make it
They try to tell me ill be nothing but a protege
Well damn, at least I’m something that’s all i ever really wanted
I’m just on my pursuit of happiness No will smith or CuDI nonsense
Cause I’m just getting so high
when my album drops, i bet you’ll buy a copy or maybe even two
Ill keep doing this even when the haters try to get me
Ill just head over to the booth an write em‘ something
It’ll be a surprise to some when i make it big, mazeltov
Ive only got one option
an its to make the best out the little things i got
So why they all fussin shit i haven’t even made it yet
Its like I’m the top of there discussion
Sooner or later Ill probably be what they rapping about
Well aren’t i just Mr. Conceited aha lemme take it back
They’ll be what i rap about, it work time
Hit me up on the cell while I’m in the office
Extension 512 yeah that be the ATX
So listen to me this is the reason yall should pay attention

This set of lyrics will be on a mixtape im sending into Atlantic Records, tell me what you think?
Aha i feel ya Hypno Toad! Yeah, i wrote this all maybe 10 minuets ago? So, touching it up would help it.

admin answers:

Well tried

Helen asks…

Does lady gaga intentionally put unreleased song titles in other songs‘ lyrics?

Like many artists, Lady Gaga has quite a few unreleased songs, and I’ve noticed that the title of some are in actual released songs that she’s done. Examples:

Unreleased song: „We Are Plastic“
Title found in: „Paparazzi“
Where: „We are plastic, but we still have fun“

Unreleased song: „Yay Ha“
Title found in: „So Happy I Could Die“
Where: „Eh, eh, yay ha, yay ha…“

Unreleased song: „Blueberry Kisses“
Mentioned in: „Poker Face
Where: „Bluffin‘ with my muffin“
(confirmed by lady gaga to be a reference for this one).

Unreleased song: Dirty Ice Cream
Reference found in: Telephone
Where: „Stop callin‘, stop callin“ (one of the main lyrics of DIC).

Unreleased song: „Fancy Pants“
Title found in: „Disco Heaven“
Where: „…For the dance, yeah, bring those fancy pants.“

Unreleased song: „I Miss You Babe“
Title found in: „LoveGame“
Where: „….But if I do then I might miss you babe.“

Unreleased song: „Greatest“ (will be re-recorded by Cher for her album under the title „The Greatest Thing“).
Reference found in: „Dance in the Dark“
Where: Greatest’s line „Cuz when I’m with you I fall apart“ is practically the same as Dance in the Dark’s chorus line „Cuz when he’s looking she falls apart.“

Song: „Brown Eyes“ (released)
Referenced in: „Wunderful“ (unreleased)
Where: „I wrote a song about your eyes“

is this a pure coincidence or is she doing this on purpose for fans to figure out?

admin answers:

She writes her own songs, and that can be very hard. Sometimes she gets ideas and changes them to what she thinks is better. And sometimes, when she gets a better title, she’ll add the old one because it’s realtive to the song. She isn’t doing it on purpose and it’s not neccessarily a coincidence. I love her. My magazine tells me everything about her so I would know.. -I’malittlemonster #1LadyGagafan

Susan asks…

What is the title of this song?

It’s a remix to a bunch of songs, there aren’t many lyrics and there’s a lot of beats in it. The lyrics that I know are in it are little clips from the songs that are just put onto different beats. The songs are:

Poker Face
That’s the Way I Like It
I Got the Power
Turn Up the Beat

These aren’t all of the songs in it either. There might be one or two more, but I’ve searched countless times and I haven’t been able to find it. If anyone could tell me the name of this mix i’d appreciate it so much!

admin answers:

Uummm maybe its this not sure

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