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Lisa asks…

FULL TILT POKER: Any one know how the hearing went?

A link to the news would be nice if possible. I been searching to see what there decision has came to.

admin answers:

You won’t find anything AS OF THIS MOMENT… Because they are still deliberating the decision… Which is expected to be reached in a few hours as of this time of me posting

The best sites to be looking for right now is…

Egr magazine

subject poker

Quadjacks to listen to it

Linda asks…

Why is The Federal government charging FULL TILT POKER with operating a ponzi scheme? Was it a ponzi scheme?

U.S. calls online poker site a „global Ponzi scheme“

admin answers:

The Feds going after Online Poker reminds me of Republicans going after Clinton… They’ll use any excuse to try and bring them down.

Jenny asks…

Man says he claimed he seen dead celebrities?

This homeless blackman on the news claimed he seen Elvis and michael jackson playing poker in the alley next to where he sleeps. Is that really true?
mind you he was BLACK. so i don’t know for sure.

admin answers:

Eh, maybe. There are some crazy people around though.

Sharon asks…

need helping planning a fun poker party!!?

Hi I am planning on throwing a fun night for all our friends. We are planning having this party in our garge due to the fact that I’m gonna hire a babysitter for all the kids in the house. I have two children not sure how much more kids will be there. I don’t know how much to pay the sitter I guesssing they will come from 7-12. I also need a good date. I’m having my second child in july so will need a little time. I was thinking News years but how hard is it for finding a sitter. Any good ideas. let me know if you have any advice for my fun party
also cant we do buy in if we do it at our house due to laws???
i live in NC

admin answers:

When everyone gets there I would suggest to them that its a key party. Try to make it seem like a joke at 1st and try to gauge everyone’s reaction. If they seem cool with it get the bowl and try to remember which key belongs to Mary in accounting. My friend Pike Neber hit that and he said it was like trying to fit a hotdog in a pencil sharpener. Best night of his life!

Also make sure you don’t make the denominations more than 1 – 5. Any higher than that and people could get very confused and start ripping your guests faces off!

Richard asks…

Why does the mainstream „news“ media only air dems and reps?

They refused to open the door to another point of view, they mock all third parties. I suggest they a playing the old con game of „heads i win, tails you lose!“ they are so entangled with the corporate advertisers and the puppet politicians. but a third party might upset the gravy train for the closely held mainstream media oligarchy. we are forced to turn it off or accept whatever they broadcast. only on the web and, sometimes, on CSPAN you learn there are millions of voters who are sick and tired of the corrupt two party syndicate. corporate advertising, policians, and mainstream media is a coordinated triangle of power and wealth. omissions and distractions is what the mainstream media use to maintain the system. well new faces do not matter, a new system is what is need and so long as these same media owners run the communications business, you are just more sheeple. the wage slaves who get fleeced everything the dare get sucked into investing in 401Ks or real estate. Risky thing, this investing, unless you have inside invormation and know how to manipulate the stock market the way hedge fund powerhouses like George Soros or Goldman Sachs. Either you are an insider or you are a gambler. Might as well take up poker or bet on the ponies.

admin answers:

When third parties generate enough interest to merit airtime they usually get it. Remember Ross Perot?

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