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Donna asks…

Has anyone gambled at & had good or bad luck? Please tell me about your experience.?

admin answers:

You can’t gamble @, that’s the free play site they show on tv… But I know you meant POKERSTARS.COM
It’s alright, depends on what your playing, if your playing cash games… It’s the same thing as at the casino, only hands go by so much quicker… If your playing in those tournaments, Just be patient and most likely you will make the pay everytime… Either way, It really depends on how good of a poker player you are, if your going to win or lose… I will ADMIT there are alot of more ACTION hands online… Example…

A9 vs AK

Flop A-A-9…
I mean if you have AK how can you lay it down?‘

but then again they say it happens in real poker too… But i see it happen online alot more often…

Charles asks…

what is the password for the cpa $500 free roll on

admin answers:

Try downloading first 🙂 REAL MONEY

Lisa asks… won’t let me replenish my chips. why?

it says i have 0 chips and i click on the dealer tray and the add more chips option is grayed out.

admin answers:

Certain sites only let you reload you FREE chips 3x an hour…

Helen asks…

what is the Fox million dollar password for oct. 24th?

admin answers:

The password to the PokerStars $25,000 Million Dollar Challenge freeroll on October 24th is JASON.

If you’d like these passwords plus passwords to private freerolls join the forum at . „Private freeroll passwords are for OnlinePokerAds tournaments only“.

Daniel asks…

Does anyone here play or played on and/or

If so, which site do u think is easier to win the freeroll for a chance to play in the WSOP Main Event. Also which site with the freeroll competition for WSOP Main Event has a smaller # for maximum players entry or is the maximum entry the same for both sites.

admin answers:

I play on but I don’t know much about the so sorry.

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