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Mark asks…

What are most popular internet poker games?

admin answers:

Wild card

Helen asks…

What are most popular internet poker games?

admin answers:

Undoubtedly, Texas Hold ‚em (no Limit) is one of the most popular game on the internet.
Although it is available in Limit and Pot limit as well but still I would name no limit as the most popular one.

Lisa asks…

Which is the Las Vegas Professional’s choice best video poker games ?

admin answers:

There are different variants of video poker game like:-
* Aces and Faces
* Tens or Better Video Poker
* Deuces and Joker
* Jacks or Better
* Double Joker
* Deuces Wild
* Joker Poker
* All American Video Poker
* Double Double Bonus Video Poker

Out of these professionals mostly play Jacks or better, Tens or Better, Aces and faces. For a complete review about these games visit

Betty asks…

If you like Video Games, Competitive Poker and Playing Sports, what other hobbies do you have?

First of all if you have come to this place you are a genius in your interests obviously!

These are of course my interests as well and I was looking to pick up a new hobby, perhaps you the genius leisure timer always figured out.

Thanks a ton.

admin answers:

Lately I’ve been having my own mini adventures by exploring hiking trails in the state parks and reserves in that area with my dog. It’s fun because you never really know what you’re going to come across.

Sharon asks…

What are some fun dealer’s choice poker games?

please name it and explain it.

admin answers:

I just quickly found this online for you – dont know if its what you had in mind but :

Recently while traveling for New Years I went to a house party with some friends and stumbled into a dealers choice game. The guys there were playing more Gambling games then poker games but i decided to join in anyways. They were playing No Limit on all games we observed and I watched several players reach into thier wallets to make bets before I joined.

After 30 mins in I was up about 20 bucks at the table and we were playing a crazy game I have never heard of before they called Control.

Basicially the game is played like this. Each player is dealt 4 hole cards and 4 cards face up. There is a betting round on each of the face up cards. The two big kicker in this game is that no player can look at his hole cards until the 4th face up card is dealt. Also the person with the highest face up pair gets to determine if there is „A Game“ or not. Appartently he can decide the pot stays and we start over if he declares no game. He or she has control.

I had never played anything like this game before that night.

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