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Lizzie asks…

Rules for POKER concerning betting?

I am needing the rules for orginal POKER. I also need the rules for betting.

admin answers:

Great website, covers everything
Poker Tips

Thomas asks…

I want to learn poker , both its rules and strategies ?

hi ,
I’ve just decided to learn poker professionally , i don’t have any exprience playing poker , i want a good book , or website , or anything else that could help me !

admin answers:

This might seem really lazy of me , but it will probaly be less confusing and more informative. You might think wikipedia is trash, but these two articles were pretty helpful when i first started. Somone said cardplayer is a good place to start. I completely disagree. Its a great source and all(lots of good articles), but not for beginners. The strategy guide has a lot of different points and you need to master all of them. Make sure you read the separate link on pot odds, bluffing, slowplaying, and the different plays all on the bottom. If you dont understand some concepts just google them.

Heres another good one. It has alot of infromative articles. Http://

There are two things i have to emphasize that are of the utmost importance. Firstly, when you first start you want to play a TAG style (tight and agressive). The first 2-4 weeks of playing, Play only AA,KK,QQ,JJ,1010,AK and AQ in any position. Raise 3x the bb with them. If you get reraised call with AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK. Fold the others. Once you have played 2-4 weeks you can loosen up and play more hands. However, you have to pay attention to position now, which i will talk about shortly. Anways heres a good hand chart for you to follow. Http://

Heres an article that tells you the importance of position which is probaly the top 3 most important things in no limit holdem.( Btw the whole site has lots of good info and another good hand chart which is more clear but has less info )

Lastly.. Do you want to play no limit or limit? In limit you can lose a small portion of your stack by mistakes, in no limit you can lose your whole stack with one mistake. In limit you make money alot slower, in no limit you make it faster but you can lose it faster. In limit there is less varience, in no limit there is more, Those are some things to decide on which too choose upon. Be sure to try them both!!

REad the articles first and get a good grasp of the info, then turn to books: Harrington‘ s“Harrington on expert no limit tournament strategy“ books 1-3
Phil gordons „little green book“ and „little blue book)
David Sklansky Theory of Poker
Barry Greensteins Ace on a River

Once you have mastered booksAND ARTICLES there is a really good forum called „2+2“ (search 2+2 forums on google). It is pretty advanced though…

Also expierince matters alot and the best site for either „play“ money OR realy money is pokerstars or fulltiltpoker.

Gl with texas holdem and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Paul asks…

Anybody ever play blacjack in nh poker rooms what are rules limits etc?

what other games are there is it good compared to other places

admin answers:

First, poker rooms are for poker, not for 21. (Blackjack).
21is dealt in the card pit.
Best odds on games (in which the house has a small edge) are craps, and 21.

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know the rules to mexican poker?

i used to play this game a few yrs ago i remember its played with 2 decks , dice and money please help…

admin answers:

Here is a good site to check.
Card game rules

Joseph asks…

What are the basic rules of strip poker?

admin answers:

You play five card draw, all but the hand winner removes an article of clothing. It is customary for males to have three and females four. The person with any clothes remaining is the winner!

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