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John asks…

Anyone have the password for freeroll poker rail radio which starts on 12/27/09?

218964414 is the tourney #. please lemme know the pass if you know it 🙂

admin answers:


Chris asks…

the star at icon on

star on players icon at

admin answers:

The star is a .net download indicator. Others have a .com download.if you have that download you will show a star to other players but you can’t see it . At one time a .net could not download an image and that is the only difference i know of.
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Mark asks…

Is free?

the commercials say that you can play for free, but I have heard many say that its not free. What are the specifics about playing for money or free?

admin answers:

It’s free. Period. There’s nothing to buy ever. If you download from Pokerstars.NET, you can’t even deposit money. You cold not give it away if you tried.

Pokerstars.COM is the real money site. It still costs nothing to use or download, but you can actually deposit, win, and withdraw money. I recommend skipping Pokerstars.NET and just downloading from Pokerstars.COM. The exact same play money games (the free ones) are available, and you can actually win and withdraw money in freerolls if you happen to win something.

Maria asks…

how do you restock on chips on

admin answers:

Wait about five minutes after you’ve lost them all and then just go to the table where you want to play and they will replenish to $1,000 when you pick a seat.

Ruth asks…

On how do you earn frquent player points?

admin answers:

Frequent player points are earned by playing real money games or real money tournaments on The .net site is just for play money. The only reward you get is that you are allowed to participate in free games for play money. They are not going to reward you for accepting a free gift.

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