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Mandy asks…

Can I change the name that I registered under on pokerstars?

I play on pokerstars and put the name under my moms but want to recieve the cheques in my name, is there anyways of changing the name you registered it under? I tried going to account and changing it but it doesnt let you =(

admin answers:

Of course it doesn’t let you. There’s no way that you can chain this info without letting them know you’ve committed fraud. My suggestion: tell them that you’ve committed fraud.

Betty asks…

Can you search for a player on Pokerstars?

I know someones username, is there any way I can search for them and find them on Pokerstars?

admin answers:

Download the software from then go to requests and click on find a player

James asks…

How do you cash out pokerstars real money accounts to New Zealand?

It says i have to go through netteller but when i sign up theres no option for new zealand currency. Does that matter?

admin answers:

Go ahead and use Net Teller than. It doesn’t matter, they will just automatically convert the currency from US to yours.

Sandra asks…

How does pokerstars/full tilt poker work with deposits?

Lets say you deposit $100 from a credit card to an online poker website, how is it that they give you the full $100? Arent they charged a fee by the credit card company?

admin answers:

They probably are charged a fee to process a card. But so are grocery stores, gas stations, etc. It’s usually a percentage plus a flat rate. But poker sites make money with rake and tourney fees enough to cover these charges. It is common for poker sites to give you one free payout per week, and charge for multiple payouts if you make a request too soon. Or if you use a courier service to deliver a check, etc.

Paul asks…

Where can I sell pokerstars play money chips?

I’ve managed to accumulate a few million pokerstars play chips over time
Does anyone know a good site where I can sell the play money?

admin answers:

You can sell your pokerstars play money chips at
They’ll pay you real money and they’re also currently looking for new regular sellers, if you have a lot of chips to sell it’s a good way to earn some extra money

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