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James asks…

What kind of function is this….?

I need help with this question.

h(x)= x / x²-1
I need to determine algebraically whether this function is even, odd, or neither.

I know that if it is even, the function is symmetric with respect to the y-axis. If it is odd, it is symmetric with respect to the origin. I’ve plugged the equation into my calculator and it looks like it is an odd function. Correct?

Thanks for your help!

admin answers:

Correct, the function dips down to -1/2 at x=-1 and crosses the x-axis at x,y = 0,0 and climbs to a high of 1/2 at x = 1.

It clearly IS symmetric with respect to the origin.

You can show this by showing that h(x) = -h(-x)

h(x) = x/(x²-1)
h(-x) = -x/(x²-1) since (-x)² = x²

and clearly h(x) = -h(-x) for all x except at the undefined points x = -1 and x=+1 where the denominator goes to 0.

I did graph this, very interesting looking graph, wgnuplot seems to not realize the asymptots climbing to +infinity or dropping to -infinity at x=-1 and x=1 respectively.

Helen asks…

Are there any programs like the ‚paint‘ program that are on the web, free, & doesnt need to be downloaded?

my computer doesn’t have paint or calculator for some odd reason. and i need paint to do a project, like, is there any where on the web where you can draw something and then copy&paste it somewhere else??

if not what should i do, and is there a way i can install paint? if so can i have a link?
Daryl: I just tried it, but there’s no luck

&& ugh guys do I really have to download somethign??? I barely have room on my computer as it is. I don’t know if there’s gonna be room to download any paint programs.

admin answers:

That is strange because if you are running any version of Windows, you should have MS Paint and Calculator. It is packaged with the operating system and can’t really be removed by ordinary means. The only OS I know of that gives you a choice of whether to install it is Windows Server operating systems. Have you looked in START > PROGRAMS > Accessories? Have you tried START > RUN > and type in MSPAINT.EXE or CALC.EXE to see if it comes up?

Sandra asks…

question about needed!?

We’re allowed to use a graphing calculator on this, so if u can tell me just how to do this on the calculator or work it out for me, that would be good. thanks, heres the question:

There are 7 women and 4 men on a commitee. If a 4-person subcommittee is selected at random, what are the odds that it will consist of 3 men and 1 woman?

admin answers:

This is a sample from the hypergeometric distribution, but it’s simplest to work it out from general reasoning.

The total number of people is eleven. The number of ways to select 4 people then is (11 choose 4).

The number of ways to select 3 out of 4 men is (4 choose 3) = 4, and we need to multiply this by the number of ways we could select the remaining woman which is (7 choose 1) = 7.

Thus, the probability that a 4 person subcommittee will have 3 men and one woman is (4 * 7)/(7 choose 1). I’ll leave you to work out the final answer on your calculator – I’ve never used a graphing calculator, but it should have functions for combinations and permutations.

Sandy asks…

(-1)^x, why isn’t the answer showing up on graphs?

(-1)^x < this should be simple yet graphing calculators don't show it, why is this? because (-1)^ any odd = -1 and (-1)^ any even = 1 (except negatives)

admin answers:

This is simply because all outputs from this function are disjoint, for instance: when going from x=0 to x=1, the function goes from ‚1‘ to ‚-1‘. But you cannot just draw a line between the two because when x=0.5, the function= (-1)^0.5= i, the imaginary number. ‚i‘ cannot not be represented on a normal Cartesian plot (which is what you are using), this means you only have answers to your function at the integers x= ….-2, -1, 0, 1, 2….., which produces only dots on your graph not a connected line.

George asks…

My chances of being pregnant?

Its too early for me to take a test, just wondering here.
Okay here is my situation, I’m not sure when ovulation was, but last week I had this milky white discharge and then that weekend I had unprotected sex. I figured I’d be ovulating that weekend.
Well I used an online ovulation calculator, which I know can’t be all the way reliable, and it said I ovulated that weekend. I also took pregnany online tests that said I had a 19-25% chance of being pregnant. Its way too early for me to know, but what are the odds do you think? I know the online things can’t be all the way reliable but I don’t know how else to really know what my odds are.

admin answers:

If an online calculator (which is what I used 9 months ago) tells you that you ovulated, go by that for now. Wait a few weeks and if your period is late – go buy a (urine) pregnancy test. A blood test won’t work for another few weeks after that.

Depending on if sperm hung around and latched onto the egg, then you’re pregnant. For now, don’t stress too much. Best wishes!

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