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Jenny asks…

I cannot email the user ‚loveblack‘ so I am answering her question here?

Please no rude comments, this is speaking directly to ‚loveblack‘.
To answer your question, yes, you will need to get a cage with half inch bar spacing, unless you use chicken wire (hardware cloth) to put around it so they don’t get out.
Also, do you mean that the CAGE is a foot long?? Please don’t keep an animal in that, rats get pretty large anyway, use this calculator to check if it’s the right size for rats:
Here are some things about male and female rats:
Scent mark more
Testicles that many people would rather not look at

Would rather explore than sleep on your lap
Scent mark but not as much
Prone to tumors

Don’t listen to the people that say „You HAVE to get only one male cuz if you get 2 they will fight!“
What they mean is, that if you introduce 2 seperate males that were born/from somewhere different from eachother, one may get territorial and get agrressive. This may lead to fighting, in which you’ll have to slowly introduce each of the rats in a neutral place, and go on from there.
I personally wanted to get 2 males, but when I saw the 2 females for sale I just had to have them.
Good luck with your decision!

admin answers:


Michael asks…

Are you part of 98% of the world or the other 2%?

ok, odds say that this will work (it has a 98% probability of working)

1) think of a number (you might want it to be relatively small unless you got a calculator)

2) multiply it by 9

3) add the digits together

4) subtract 5 from that number

5) NOW. get the number you have and find what letter it is (meaning 1=a, 2=b, 3=c, 4=d, 5=e, 6=f, and so on)

6) with that letter, think of a country

7) with the last letter of that country, think of an animal

8) with the last letter of that animal, think of a fruit

what country, animal, and fruit are you thinking of?

(unless you changed your answer, it should have been……….Denmark, Kangaroo, & Orange)
bball lover – how did you get kangaroo from dominican republic? domincan republiC. it ends with a C
melanieinuyasha – Darfur isnt a country. its in Sudan

admin answers:

Yep, it was. : )

Mandy asks…

what are the chances of me atcually being pregnant?

i missed my period back in august . i was 2 weeks late when i finally got my period. so i didnt have a period for august. but i had my period in september and october. so what are the chances of me having my period n pregnant?
have this happend to someone else nd they were pregnant?
i know that its possible to bleed while pregnant.
i had unprotected sex in august around the time i ovulated. (i looked at an online calculator for that) and i had sex again in september and october. so if any of that information will help on the odds.let me know.

admin answers:

I dont personally think that you could be pregnant; are you experiencing any pregnancy syptoms??
I had my last period on 21st Aug, completely missing Sept out and have yet to have my next one in 6days, I have done a few p tests all negative, so wel jus see if I turn up nxt wk. It is frustrating especially when you are trying and it takes its time to happen. Good luck if you are, and I would take a test just to see.

John asks…

took plan B last week and feeling overwhelmed…?

soo heres the story…

on friday(3/25) i had sex but it was safe up until the condom broke. and that was around 7:30-8:00pm then i had sex again that was unprotected on saturday(3/26) at about 10:30-11:00am, but he pulled out. so i went out and got plan b sunday(3/27) and took it right away(i still fell in the 72 hour period but i didnt get plan b till about 5pm). i did an ovulation calculator to see when im fertile and apparently i started becoming fertile (on saturday the 26th). so will plan b still work? my next period wont be until the 15th. I am feeling very overwhelmed by the whole situation and i know all i can do is wait, but i cant. I just want to know the odds of actually getting pregnant. –anything but rude comments are welcome. its hard to not freak out about this.
also im not having any of the plan b side effects, and thats also making me worry.

admin answers:

Plan B has a very high success rate if taken within the 72hr window, obviously higher the faster you take it. Your odds are very low. It is designed to work even when you’re ovulating. It isn’t like the pill, which prevents you from ovulating. Instead, it can stop ovulation, stop the sperm or stop the egg from implanting in the uterus. Since you were just entering your fertile time, your egg likely wouldn’t already be fertilized and implanted (that takes like a week!), so Plan B should be able to do it’s job well!

Not everyone has side effects, so don’t worry that you’re not! I took it a couple times back in my college days and never had any side effects.

Robert asks…

Calculating Ovulation and Pregnancy symptoms. Need help…confused!?

I am on the pill, but i’ve recently noticed that I had really sore breasts on December 6, 7, and 8th. By December 9th the soreness was gone. I recently went on line and used a ovulation calculator. It told me my most fertile days to be dec 4th – dec 9th. I had sex with my fiance dec 4th and used the pull out method (i’m also on the pill) Anyway, if I got pregnant from this would I be having symptoms this soon? I’m very worried because i’m getting married in August and I don’t want to be 8 months for my wedding! What are the odds i’m pregnant? I’ve never missed a pill, but I have taken a few late! Help! Anyone know if this sounds like pregnancy?
I don’t have any other sypmtoms

admin answers:

I don’t think your pregnant. When you’re on the pill you dont ovulate, thats how it works. If you used the pull out method and took your pill like you should, your chances of pregnancy are pretty slim to none. Being late by a few hours on the pill isn’t a big deal. It only becomes a problem if your more than a day late on taking them or it happens really frequently.

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