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Richard asks…

can I get a home loan making 25,000 a year?

I’m a soon to be married 25 year old female with good credit. I have a great job working with the government, my yearly income is about 23,000& pay 750 a month in rent now…. I’m looking at a home that costs 85,000 with a 30 year morgage what are the odds I’ll get approved for this loan? My fiance will add to the yearly income & make it about 45,000 a year. Do we need to get married before I do this or can I do it on my own with my 23,000 income? I did a morgage calculator with 10% down & it seems I’ll be paying less for a morgage than my current rent and I get to tripple the size of home
Do we have to be married or can we just have a joint account, our wedding is in a year & this house seems too good to pass up

admin answers:

The odds of getting approved with 10% down is pretty good. Your fiance will only improve the chances if your primary account has both of your names on it. I actually work at a bank in the loan department. You should contact your bank and discuss the opportunities and advantages that they would be able to help you with. If you have never purchased a home, there is a loan that is given to first time home buyers that requires that you put zero down and it obtains a pretty good interest rate. My advice after obtaining the loan would be to then put 5% percent towards your principle. That is if you obtain the loan that requires that no down payment is provided. Hope this makes sense.

Mary asks…

The Pull out method and Plan B. Could spotting be a Plan B side effect or implantation?

The reason I ask this is because I had sex one week after my period had ended, according to an ovulation calculator, I was indeed ovulating, not 100% sure however.
My boyfriend used the pull out method (yes, it was irresponsible. We were both kind of tipsy as well) and didn’t pull out completely on time, and although most of it got on the bed, i’m pretty sure some went inside of me as well. Now, I took the plan B pill 32 hours after intercourse, but I am still scared that I may be pregnant.
-I took plan B 32 hours after
-Not really an ‚up‘ but he’s basically a pot head, so I would assume his sperm count is low
-He still got some in me.
-i am spotting a reddish pink. I’m not sure if it is from the Plan B pill, or implantation.
I took the pill 6-7 days ago.

I plan on taking a pregnancy test on the 17th… but what are my odds here. What is this spotting? It’s light, not at all heavy and i’m having slight lower abdominal pain. Could this be implantation?

admin answers:

I dont think you’re pregnant you took the morning after pill which causes you to have a period so that the egg doesn’t plant to get get pregnant, it will be light because you really only just came of your period so the lining has not fully developed so the pill has caused that thin lining to come out which is why you have cramps similar to a period, your next period maybe lighter than usual.

Charles asks…

Really confused about ovulation and TTC!!?

Alright my period this month started on 9/5, and my cycle before that began on 8/6, so my cycles are a regular 30 days apart. So this month, the ovulation calculator told me that my most fertile days would be the 19th-23rd. Well on 9/15, I started having really heavy EWCM, very stretchy, no scent, and there was LOTS of it. It was even runnning down my leg. So I figured this could be a sign of impending ovulation, so I got home and immediately had sex with DH. We repeated and had sex on 9/17, since we want to do it every other day to better our odds. Well than last night, I had very thick, white colored CM, that was easily breakable and there was not very much of it, just a little every now and then, and I noticed I was much drier in my southern regions. But DH and I had sex again to cover bases. Now today, 9/20, I am on day 15 of my cycle, and it seems like I already have ovulated, however tonight at work, I am feeling very crampy. It’s almost like the cramps you get on the day your period arrives, but not as strong, very dull and achey cramps. They are manageable, but a little bothersome since I know that if I do get my period, it won’t be for at least another 2 weeks. So does this cramping signify anything, or is it just my body acting silly. Or is it possible that I haven’t ovulated yet, and I am just ovulating now? I am so confused. I wish getting pregnant was something we could figure out right away, rather than having a huge 2-week guessing game, wondering if we hit the fertile days, if there was enough strong, healthy sperm, etc!!

admin answers:

I think we all would like to be able to tell right away and not have to deal with the 2ww!

The cramping could be any number of things. First, you don’t necessarily cramp exactly when you ovulate. Sometimes before, sometimes during, sometimes after, sometimes whenever, and sometimes not at all, so that really isn’t anything you can look to for a sign.

The CM is the pointer. Most likely, you already ovulated. You had the EWCM, then drier, white CM. You tend to dry up right after ovulation and your cervix becomes closed to ensure that no bacteria enter during implantation (if it happens). I would say that you ovulated on 9/17.

Good luck and lots of sticky baby dust to you!

Maria asks…

how do I work out a decimal/fraction into a ratio?

i was learning how to calculate odds in skool today and so i went to practice at home but i’m in a bit of a jam. i dont have a calculator, i was doing it all by hand. i know there is an „a b/c“ button that may be able to help me. if there is a formula for it, does any1 know it? btw i was tryna work out 1.8:1 into a ratio with whole numbers if that helps any. how can i work something like that out on pen and paper?

admin answers:

1.8/1 = 18/10 = 9/5

John asks…

Chance of becoming pregnant, any input appreciated.?

I started my period Nov. 18th. Ended Nov 20th. Have had unprotected sex almost everyday, including last night. I used an on-line ovulation calculator and it says ovulation will start Dec 2nd. I had been taking birth control 3 months prior to this past period, however, no longer am since my last pack a few days before my last period. I have about 2 and a 1/2 weeks before I will know if Ill be missing my period or not. I was just looking for some input of odds. Thanks so much. : )

admin answers:

Sounds like you two are on the right track! When it comes to testing, wait until your next period is considered 1 day late – then take a home pregnancy test – if your period comes and you’re not pregnant, wait until your period ends – then have sex every other day about about 10-12 days – it will happen! Trust me! Good luck and baby dust to you! =)

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