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Nancy asks…

could i be pregnant if i waited one whole day to take EC?

I had my last period on dec 19th my periods are normal and I usually have a normal period never less than 27 never more than 29 day cycles… I tried a ovulation calculator it said my fertile days were between dec 29th and jan 2nd…it also said I ovulated on the 1st I had sex on the 29th unprotected but he didn’t ejaculate and on the 1st the condom broke…I don’t know why I waited a whole day to get the morning after pill but I took it on the 3rd…. what are the odds or chances that I could be preggoz…. I’m so worried… I don’t use birth control cuz I smoke….but certainly don’t want an unplanned pregnancy right now….plz help! I need a little advice to ease my mind….thank you!!

admin answers:

EC is 80 something percent effective if you take it 24 hours after unprotected sex. You can take it up to even 120 hours later but the effectiveness keeps going down as time goes by. Anyway, you are probably not pregnant, but you either are or you’re not so try not to worry because worrying won’t change anything. Another important thing to consider is that often EC upsets your cycle and causes your period to be delayed. Kind of an ironic side effect when your are worried you might be pregnant, huh?! Good luck.

David asks…

Missed miscarriage or messed up dates?

I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child. My husband and I have tried for three years to conceive and FINALLY we did it! It was incredible because we weren’t using fertility drugs this cycle or anything. Anyway, I have PCOS so I have very abnormal cycles…usually 30-40 day cycles…so my period was „due“ (I use the term lightly, it comes when it feels like it) on April 29th so I decide to take a test on April 30th and it was POSITIVE (faint, but there!) I called the doctor, got an appointment…kept testing EVERY DAY and they were getting darker and darker. I went to the doctor on May 4th and they confirmed the pregnancy with a urine test. They didn’t take any blood or test my HCG or progesterone or anything, the doctor said he thought everything would be fine since I had never had a miscarriage before. Two days later ALL of my pregnancy symptoms disappeared (tiredness, breast tenderness, irritibility) but some new stuff emerged (heartburn, weepiness) and I was still peeing every hour. Well, I got really scared and by this morning I was done, I had to know what was going on because I just felt like something was very WRONG. I got an appointment to have an ultrasound which showed a gestational sac, nothing else. The sac measured at 4 weeks. Now, due to my weird cycles…I could be anywhere from 4 weeks 6 days pregnant to 6 weeks 2 days pregnant (based on due date calculator and possible conception dates)

I’m just at a total loss for what to think, or what to do. Half of me wants to think positively, assume everything is FINE and I am only 4 weeks 6 days so the ultrasound was pretty much right on…the other half of me wants to say „you know what…it’s over…there is no hope“ I want this so badly and I’m TERRIFIED to let myself be excited now. Is there anything I can do?? Can I just lay in bed all weekend and relax and hope the baby grows…what are the odds that the baby is in fact no longer growing? I have to wait until next Friday to go back to the doctor for another scan to see what’s going on in there. All I have been doing today is crying and begging God to let my baby make it…is there anything I can do to help make this happen????

admin answers:

Honestly I think it may just be mixed up dates… With your cycle being so „all over the place“ its very possible that you just aren’t as far along as you thought. Try not to worry, I know its hard. I just found found out I am pregnant as well (on April 30th)… But can’t get a doctors appt until the 21st (they are soooo busy). So I myself am alittle overly anxious and worried-so we are in the same boat!

Best of luck to you! Congrats!!! 🙂

Joseph asks…

the Pull out method and Plan B. Could spotting be a Plan B side effect or implantation?

The reason I ask this is because I had sex one week after my period had ended, according to an ovulation calculator, I was indeed ovulating, not 100% sure however.
My boyfriend used the pull out method (yes, it was irresponsible. We were both kind of tipsy as well) and didn’t pull out completely on time, and although most of it got on the bed, i’m pretty sure some went inside of me as well. Now, I took the plan B pill 32 hours after intercourse, but I am still scared that I may be pregnant.
-I took plan B 32 hours after
-Not really an ‚up‘ but he’s basically a pot head, so I would assume his sperm count is low
-He still got some in me.
-i am spotting a reddish pink. I’m not sure if it is from the Plan B pill, or implantation.
I took the pill 6-7 days ago.

I plan on taking a pregnancy test on the 17th… but what are my odds here. What is this spotting? It’s light, not at all heavy and i’m having slight lower abdominal pain. Could this be implantation?

admin answers:

Planned b basically flushes your uterus out, its like an induced period so to speak. Every time i took planned b i had a really painful period a couple days after taking it. It sucked a lot but totally normal.

Donald asks…

My ex claims that I am the father of her child. The conception date would have to have been before June 19.?

The last time we were together was June 18th. The baby was born April 15. She says she was with someone else about a month after we broke up, but she feels that it’s probably mine. What are the odds that it is mine? All the conception calculators I have looked at seem to indicate that it is likely the other guys baby. What do you think the chances are that she is right?

admin answers:

Our baby conceived 4th of July was born Apr 2…10 days overdue. So she either had a looonngg pregnancy, or you aren’t the dad. My bet is that it isn’t yours.

Steven asks…

I’m confused, what does he want from me?????

A month ago, I met a guy who lives in my dorm. He’s a senior in undergrad and I am a graduate student. We chat over IM often. One day, he randomly asks me to borrow a calculator. I thought that was odd, especially since I am sure I am not the only one he could have borrowed a calculator from. Yesterday, he comes to get it and asks to see my room. I told him no. We chatted a little while longer and then I walked him to the elevator. He tries to put his arm around me but I didn’t let him. Reflex, I guess. Later, we’re chatting over IM and I asked him when he was coming to visit me again. He said he didn’t feel welcome because I didn’t invite him to see my room. Is this guy serious? Then he asked me what I want from him and I told him friendship. But now I’m wondering, what is HE looking for? He says he would prefer to know more about me and then when he’s satisfied, he’ll tell me everything I want to know about him. Does this make ANY sense?

admin answers:

No way! He should be up front with you. Your both adults. If you’re friends then he should respect your personal space. If he’s interested he should just say so instead of trying to be all mysterious about things. Do you want more than friendship if not it might get kinda awkward between you two? If you do, let him see your room. It seems important to him that he does for some reason.

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