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Sandra asks…

3 days late, feel pregnant, neg test..could i be prego?

Hi, I ovulated (according to the ovulation calculator) 22,23,24,25. And i guess depending on how long my cycle was i could have ovulatd more. But those are the dates i remember. I had sex during these times. Cant remember exactly. but about a week after my ovulation i had light brownish/organish spotting. And i mean it was just like little spots on my panties. and when i wiped on one occasion after i noticed that it was light pink discharge. That day i started cramping and have been cramping since. My breast are off and on sore, seems like it depends on the time of day. I feel bloated, headaches. The cramping i am feeling is kinda odd…its almost like a stretchy type feeling. its hard to explain. Its low, like in the area you would feel your PMS cramps. I was due for my period on Oct 10th. took a test this morning and it was negative. Is it possible that i could still be pregnant even though the test said negative. My friends said i should wait a week after missed to test. Please help

admin answers:

Yes, very very possible. Sometimes the hormone takes a few weeks to build up strong enough in the urine to get a positive result. I would suggest getting a blood test at your doctors office…those are way more accurate.
You sound like you have strong pregnancy symptoms so good luck!!

Ken asks…

How to factor this rational function and characteristics?


I can’t factor the numerator to find the x intercepts and some other things, which i have to do ALGEBRAICALLY. Also this is what i have so far for the characteristics.

Domain – (-infinity, + infinity) ?
Range – (-infinity, -4) U (-4,2) U (2, +infinity)
Local Max (-6.-9) Local min (-2,-1) no absolute max/mins?
Increasing Intervals (-infinity, -9) (-1, +infinity)
Decreasing Intervals (-9, +infinity) (+infinity, -1)
Y intercept (0,0) and X Intercept (-3,0) < i used my calculator :
Holes & discontinuities ?
function is odd
rate of change?
end behavior?

admin answers:

The numerator factors like this:
Factor out the common factor:
x (x^2+x-6)
Factor what’s left in parentheses:
x (x + 3) (x – 2)
The denominator factors like this:
(x^2+2x-8) = (x + 4) (x – 2)
So you can cancel (x – 2) out of your original fraction, leaving:
(x (x + 3)) / (x + 4)
Now do your analysis again, making sure you notice that your domain is (x not equal to -4).

Linda asks…

TI-89 Simplifying radicals question…?

Is there any way to get a TI-89 to simplify radicals involving variables with odd exponents?? Maybe there is some preloaded calculator command that I don’t know of, or program to download and install?

For example, sqrt(x^5). The calculator just spits out the sqrt(x^5) instead of x^2(sqrt(x)).

It simplifies radicals of numbers beautifully, and has not trouble if radicand is a monomial with even exponents, or even a trinomial that can be factored into a binomial squared.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
Note: I’m asking this because a student of mine wants to check her homework as she goes and (like me) she has a TI-89. They haven’t learned fractional exponents yet, so the only form of answers she will easily understand is if it is simplified radical form, like x^2*√(x) . I could have sworn there was a way to do it in the 89, but so far, no luck!

(Thanks for the input, ssssh!)

admin answers:

If you input √(75*x) * √(x^4)
with x^5 seperated like this

it will give you 5√3 * x^(5/2)


Michael asks…

Functions Stats and Trig help?

im not doing so well in this class, and its my last chance to bring it up

i need help with what a z-score is
and also how to find standard deviation and mean ect. on my calculator (putting the data in list and then calculating 1-var calc) which is what?
and i dont really understand sigma notation
and if the function is odd or even.

if you can help clarify that, or send a link to a practice test or simple explination site, thanks =]

admin answers:

I been reading your questions…. And i think you just need a little help from a tutor and you will find other areas of your life pick up too…try it..and good luck

Laura asks…

Period is 9 days late…what could be the reason?

Ok so, for the past year I have kept up with my period starting dates on a calendar. They can vary from 28 to 30 days so I started using the ovulation calculator on web-md because using the past 3 months dates, it generates an estimated start day for the next months period. It’s always been exactly right.

So after a year of it being accurate, I just realized yesterday that I never had my expected period and I’m actually 9 days late! My fiance & I had sex maybe twice since my last period on August 12th. I have no signs of pregnancy except for yesterday when I had to pee every half hour to an hour almost on the dot, today isn’t so bad. Very odd. but other than that- no cramps, no spotting.. I haven’t been feeling bad, maybe a bit tired but that’s it.
Let me know what you think it could be (pregnancy or other) it’s just not like me to be late at all. I haven’t been stressed but I did have a yeast inf about 2 wks ago.. can a yeast inf cause your periods to be late?

I haven’t been stressed and I just realized I was late yesterday (maybe I could be stressing a little today lol) but not before. Also I haven’t taken a test because I think it’s still a little early.. I’ll wait until Monday as I will be 2 weeks late at that point..

We haven’t been trying to get pregnant (although it was in future plans) so I wouldn’t be stressing in a negative way but at the same time I’m not wanting to get my hopes up either..

I just didnt know if there might be another reason why it would be late that I’m not thinking of…

admin answers:

Pregnacy or an underlying medical issue. You can be pregnant and never experience symptoms or maybe you just haven’t reached a sypmtom stage yet. Y. Infections can’t cause late periods. I say run to your local drug store and gra a home pregnancy test because my best guess is that you are…either that or schedule an appointment with your OBGYN ASAP! Good lUck!

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