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Steven asks…

Can someone help with my PHP? Easy 10 points!?

I created a calculator and all I want is for the answers: even numbers to be green and odd numbers to be blue.

admin answers:

I imagine you know how to format text. To check for odd or even use the modulus operator. This gives you the remainder of the division. So 15 % 2 = 1 and 14 % 2 = 0

if ($number % 2 == 0)

Hope this gets you going in the right direction.

Joseph asks…

Why doesn’t ovulation date make sense?

I’ve been using for 2 months now and for some odd reason it gave me an estimated ovulation date of June 1st which ended up being 3 DPO! My last period was June 7th and it’s now forcasting fertilty for June 28-30 which is really late. Every other site/calculator is giving me around June 18-22 which is more like it. Am I doing something wrong here?

admin answers:

Your body can vary and fertility friend will get good at predicting your ovulation with time. You wont always ovulate on cd14 (example) so it may vary from month to month. I input my info and last month it had me ovulating on the 25 of may but I didn’t ovulate until the 29th. If you observe your CM, CP and temp you will become a pro at YOUR cycle and YOUR body. So yes you will be able to predict when your about to ovulate

Paul asks…

limit of x squared minus one/absolute value of x-1. as x approaches 1?

(x-1 is an absolute value in denominator.) the absolute value sign is throwing me off other wise this would be a very simple factor and cancel.

2. also another simple one i am assuming but just an odd on thats throwing me off:

limit of x^3/4 as x approaches zero? (3/4 is exponent) is it just zero? thats all i can tell from my calculator.

thanks alot

admin answers:

So you have
lim x-> 1
(x^2 – 1) / |(x-1)|

remember |x| = -x if x0 = x
think where x-1 >0 or x-1 <0
if its x-1 0 = (x-1)

limit as x -> 0 from both SIDES does not EXIST
then you have to make 2 limits as x approaches 1 from both sides
lim x-> 1 from the left * all negative values
replace x-1 with the one we determine for x-1 1- from the left * all negative values
(x^2 – 1) / -(x-1)

->(x-1)(x+1)/(-x + 1)

the other
lim x-> 1+ from the lright * all positivevalues
= (x-1)(x+1)/-(x-1) = x+1 = -2

->lim x-> 1+ from the lright * all positivevalues
= (x-1)(x+1)/(x-1) = x+1 = 2

DNE = does not exist because two limits measuring it ends at c does not equal the same thing!

2. Is easy DNE doesn’t have a limit from the left x-> 0- = DNE there fore the full limit
check the graph there is no line coming from the left side meaning the limit cannot be approached as a full limit!

Laura asks…

Does your mom know what year you were born?

So yesterday morning my mom asked me what year I was born because she was filling out some paperwork and said she „forgot“. Well I didnt tell her, to see if she could figure it out. Lets just say she had to get the calculator out and it took her a few mins. Is it just me or do you find this odd? Becuase i do…
I think she knows the day and month just didn’t know the year. But yes I do have 2 other siblings. lol.

admin answers:


I would have trouble believing mothers could forget a day like that because that day:
1. Brings a new life into this world
2. Ends the labor pain
3. Makes her a „complete“ woman

BUT if your mom is old and is forgetful these days, then, and only then, it is possible.

Sandy asks…

Graphical Analysis questions?

First, I’ve been asked to graph multiple functions, 2 of which I cannot figure out how to graph or enter into a calculator for a general idea:

f(x)= log base 2 (x) ; f(x)= √(a^2)-(x^2) )

So if somebody could explain how to do this, or find a reference I can check out that would be awesome.

Secondly, Is there a relationship between symmetry in a function’s graph and the function being even or odd?

Last, if a set of directions say to „Draw a reflection“ of..sin(x) (for example), is that the same as regular graphing?

For the log base 2 (x)

It’s like log-subscript 2 (x)

admin answers:

For logbase2(x), this will be equal to log base 10 or natural log times a constant (I’ll let you figure out what that is.) You’re not going to be able to plot anything without a numerical value for a in the second equation.

An even function is symetric about the y axis.
An odd function is antisymetric about the y axis (-reflection thru y)

Since sin is odd, a reflection through the y axis is -sin from -ininity to 0 and sin from 0 to infinity.

Yeah, I know what it is; see above. For example:

log(x) = log(e)*ln(x)

A similar strategy will allow you to link log base 2 to the two common bases, either ten or e, your choice.

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