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Mark asks…

Help with a problem please?

Find the difference between the sum of the first 600 multiples of 3 and the sum of the first 600 odd numbers. Solve and show all work. Do not just input numbers into the calculator. HOw in the world do you solve something with such a wide range of numbers?
pris par-that is considered cheating. we have to use some sort of method to solve this and arent supposed to use a calculator
The Hints are good but thats gonna take a long time to solve that way 🙁
Any shorter strategies?

admin answers:

The hint given was good. Look at the first few and see if you see a pattern.

(3 – 1) + (6 – 3) +(9 -5) + (12 -7)

= 2 + 3 + 4 + 5…

There is a formula for finding the sum of numbers (n^2+n)/2 where n is your high number. Don’t forget that you are starting at 2 though.

Donald asks…

What is sec(-pi)? HELP!!!?

Use the even-odd properties to find the exact value of each expression. No calculator allowed.

admin answers:

Sec( – pi)
= sec(pi)

cos(pi) = -1
so sec(pi) = -1

Ruth asks…

I can’t calculate this simple expression?

This to find the odds for something (should be within 0-1):
(500,000!/499,900!) / (500,000)^100

— all the calculators I used cant make it because number to big…..

but I’m pretty sure there is way to make this calculation.

Thanks all.

admin answers:

500000!/499900! ÷ 500000¹ºº
= (499901 × 499902 × 499903 × 499904 × … × 500000) ÷ 500000¹ºº
= 499901 × 499902 × 499903 × 499904 × … × 499999 ÷ 500000⁹⁹
= 499901/500000 × 499902/500000 × 499903/500000 × … × 499999/500000

499901/500000 = 0.999802
499902/500000 = 0.999804
499903/500000 = 0.999806
499997/500000 = 0.999894
499998/500000 = 0.999896
499999/500000 = 0.999808

since their values vary very small, we can say that the above expression is approximately:
= 0.9999⁹⁹
= 0.99014835352672348760226312475328 <<== ANSWER

note that 499950 is the average of the numbers:
499901, 499902, 499903, …. 4999999

I don't think this is the best method (or even the correct method, haha!)…. Hope that someone will give a better method to solve it..

David asks…

Is being a Catholic the ONLY Way to be a xtian?

Drive though ANY mid – size town and make a point of counting all the signs pointing towards some odd-ball church…you’ll need a calculator.

Americas Prostetantism so pick’n’choose I call it: „Burger King“ xtianity…“have it YOUR way“…!

freedom of choice…, yessiree dickens…! YOU BETCHA !

Darnit ! If you just absolutly, positively NEED to be an xtian BE Catholic
Yes, Punky! Indeed I would ! And give me a Double Fudge Chocolate Milkshake to go…just in case of RAPTURE ! 😉

admin answers:

Xtian is the incorrect abbreviation for Christian. You should really know that by now.
Do you have something against Chris?

Susan asks…

I would like to know how I work out my own tax and national insurance.?

I don’t want an external link to a tax calculator. I would like a formula, which 30 odd years ago before tax calcs and puters came along people had work it out. I would like to work it out on a monthly basis when I collect my wage slip. Please help an old fashioned fool. Cheers
Oh, not dealing with big figures, so need for an accountant; I’m just curious, and also I would like to check for rebates.
*no need for an accountant
so fengirl2, is it then tax allowance £5435/12 =£453. You then take that from £1055 – arguements sake – monthly salary; 1055-453=602. You then tax it at 20%=120; take that from 602=482. Last figure £482 don’t understand what you then do with that!!
xcellent thank you all very much. Ta

admin answers:

To manually work out your tax and national insurance go to and wade through the mountain of paperwork you have to be familiar with and the various processes and deductions needed to work it out.

Quite frankly, use one of the online tools to do it for you. Only a very tiny minority do it manually now – because it is too time consuming and it is prone to error.

If you really want to, then the NI tables booklet is here, the rates and limits booklet is here, and the instructions for working out paye deductions are here

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