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Richard asks…

Pokemon sapphire Pokerus codes and any others useful codes?

Please make sure they are for gameshark and not action replay plz

admin answers:

Enter this code to cause your Pokemon to automatically contract the beneficial Pokerus virus after a battle:

C784FC61 63EBC3B6
117279A9 85478753

A classic:

And here’s a handy one:

All Pokeballs x99:

George asks…

Can somebody trade me a pokemon with pokerus?

I’ve been looking for this for a REALLY long time and haven’t been able to find anybody with it. My FC is 4941 1528 7303. Tell me your friend code and I’ll add you. Then, get on wifi and wait for a few minutes. I’ll meet you there shortly.

admin answers:

I will help you i have the same problem

David asks…

Is pokerus pointless if my pokemon caught it at lv100?

I just found out about the pokerus and discovered one of my pokemon have it(at lv100)
I spread it to my whole party(also already lv100).
So does the pokerus still help even if my pokemon do’nt level up?

admin answers:

It’s never pointless 😀 Once your pokemon get it they will have a little smiley face on their profiles so that is something lol…

Steven asks…

How do you get a pokemon with pokerus and how do you infect other pokemon with it?

admin answers:


Daniel asks…

Is any one willing to trade a pokemon that has pokerus?

The pokerus has to be contagious/spreadable will trade a shiny
Please and thank you.
My friend code is: 5157 2278 2589
Just changed my preferences email Is now allowed
Oh yeah I’m also willing to trade one of my rayquaza’s for it up to you
Game has to Be black and or white

admin answers:

Yes, I have loads of them with Pokerus
I’ll e-mail you my friend code 🙂
EDIT: I see you don’t allow e-mail so you’ll have to mail me then.
EDIT 2: What shiny do you have? My pokemons who have Pokerus are highly contagious.

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