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Betty asks…

Do you need good maths to be a winning texas holdem poker player?

I love the game, have watched, read and studied poker and have consistently ‚won‘ large sums in play money games. But i have no maths ability ( failed every exam at school ) and cannot work out odds on hitting certain cards. Pot odds and implied odds ? Nuclear fusion to me. Could i possibly become a winning online player at low stakes ?

admin answers:

You use math in your poker without knowing this.
Why do you play AA,KK,AK,…? Because math tells you that you have a higher probability to win with these hands.
Why do you call a $10 bet in a $300 pot when you hold JQ and the board is 2 6 9? Because is mathematical correct.
Why do you play weaker hands in position when everybody folds to you? Because math tells you that having less opponents you have a higher chance to win.
Why do you fold when you hold 9T and you have to pay $1000 in a $1200 pot(If you don’t you are sooo wrong) and the board is JQ3?
And i can continue with alot of examples…You have math abilities…
You may become a winning online player without very good math abilities but you need to compensate with other abilities.
Believe me…real money is something else…every player plays his money…you can’t afford to gamble how you gamble in play money mode.From 1 to 100 (if 100 is $0.01-002 real money) play money is about 10…

Hope this helps you.

William asks…

Do you need to pay taxes on money won playing online poker?

I recently won $3000 on a poker site, not based in the United States. Will I need to claim this on my taxes at the end of the year?

admin answers:


According to the revenue code, all sources of money and wealth are taxable until Congress awards an exclusion. The following sources of income are also taxable:

money found on the ground
ill-gotten gains
money made on a press in the basement
money stolen from a bank
goods purchased with monopoly money and sold for real (capital gain)

Exclusions include things like pensions, state and municipal bonds, military hazard zone pay, etc.

Sandra asks…

How has the online poker ban impacted Las Vegas?

I am curious how the online poker ban impact Vegas? Are more poker tables being run than usual? Would it be possible to run into some poker pros at the larger casinos?

admin answers:

Its sure to at least triple the amount of medium to low stake poker players. The big stake players are going to either leave the country. And by the way its horrible that they are keeping are money and not allowing you to withdraw.

Richard asks…

How does online poker work if gambling is illegal?

If you can’t play online poker with real money on most sites and the ones that you can play with real money are illegal than what can you win by playing? Like on poker site… what do you win for winning. I guess I don’t understand the legality of online poker and the need to deposit money if it is not a gambling site. BTW I know nothing about online poker. Nothing at all.

admin answers:

It’s like normal poker, but online. Your actions are simulated. If you want to call, you click the ‚call‘ button, and the fold and bet etc buttons are all there too. It’s a lot faster though and there’s a time limit to playing your hands.

When you join a site like, you deposit enough money to get yourself into a game. Like a game with real money costs at least $0.01. If no one pays to join, then where will the money come from? The more players that join the game, the bigger the winning prize becomes.
If you win $10 from a game, that’s added to your account, and you can choose to transfer the money to your debit card, so then you can take it out.

Donald asks…

What are some free poker websites that can allow you to win real money?

What are some free poker websites that give you money to start with, which allows you to win real money?

admin answers:

You don’t get any free money. You can earn bonuses but those come after you deposit and play a certain amount of hands. You can also play freerolls, but the hours are long and the payouts are tight so you have to have patience.

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