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Nancy asks…

what poker site has the best freeroll money games/tournaments?

What sites have the best and most poker free roll tourneys and games? Not a bs tourney entry for a hat or a video but a cash pot or a big satalite entry?

admin answers:

I personally play on and think it’s a great site. It’s well-known and safe and the layout of it is smooth and flawless. They have a TON of freerolls and a great variety of games. I suggest you check it out. It’s a lot less shady than the rest of the suggestions.

George asks…

In cash games in poker in casinos, do you ever have to show your hand at showdown?

I’ve heard that you only need to show your hand when you want to claim a pot.

admin answers:

To win a pot, you must always show both cards.

If you bet on the river and your opponent calls you, you must show your hand first. You are allowed to muck instead of showing, but you’ll throw away winners by doing that.

When it comes to showdown, just turn your cards over.

Richard asks…

Are there any barroom poker games like the one that used to be at Quenique in or around Madison, WI anymore?

if so, please tell me when and where. Hopefully someone answers me soon. I am antsy for a game this weekend.

admin answers:

Yes but I don’t know you so I can’t really give out that info. Ever since Hellmuths book there’s been a lot of people wanting to get in which makes the police a lot more interested in whats going on.

Laura asks…

are there any ladies-only poker games/tables in las vegas?

i like to play no-limit hold ‚em, but find it a little intimidating and at times boring to play with guys. when i’m at the casino playing poker, most tables are full of guys. i’m going to las vegas in 2 weeks and i’d like to know if there are any casinos that offer ladies-only poker games/tournaments. thanks in advance!

admin answers:

I have heard of tournaments for the ladies but not tables that are set aside in the poker room just for women.

These guys keep up with the poker scene in Las Vegas. If anyone would know they would.

This is the best site for Las Vegas information
If you can’t find your answer by doing a search on this site. You can use the free forum to ask your Q or you can sign up for a free 5 day trial and ask your Q on the members forum. There are over 30,000 paid members of the LVA. There are very few Q’s you can ask about LV that they can’t answer.


Steven asks…

Is Online Real Poker Games Worth trying to win some money?

i ve been playing for fun money for a long time i m thinking of playing for real money do you advice me to do that

admin answers:

I would never play for money. The Absolute Poker Issue in which CNN reported and other sources that an online poker room was allowing employees or certain people to see the hole cards.

If this could be done by one site, why not others.

I play for free on sites only. has about 20 freerolls a day for prizes only. No membership fee or money to play with. It gives me better play then yahoo which is fixed limit. There are tons of other free play sites, but I like theres b/c I get prizes and the amount of different prizes makes it interesting.

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