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Robert asks…

Is it true that John McCain may be a Chinese mole and not even know it?

Think of it as playing poker. Or using a poker analogy.

The Chinese may have John McCain’s „poker tell“.

What if the Vietnamese gave China and North Korea John McCain’s detailed, comprehensive prisonor of war interrogation files.

If you can place a man under extreme stress (torture) and monitor and record his reactions you can get a comprehensive picture of how he will react in some future conflict or trade negotiation. All of us have facial jestures, hand movements, body language that can give an opponent an advantage if he has a comprehensive understanding of what each jesture means.

Now I can guarantee you that John McCain would come out as the big winner in any trade negotiation with China. Because China want’s John McCain to look like the winner. They want John McCain to come out of an important trade negotiation looking like Ronald Reagan. The Chinese do not want to win a trade negotation. They want to win in the fine print of the negotiation (like carbon emissions).

The Chinese are on a 200 year plan for world domination. If John McCain becomes President that is only a very small part of their overall plan. It would give them a 25 year head start when they get the specific clauses to trade negotiations and tariffs they want.

So for the Chinese John McCain is the gift that would just keep on giving.

And John McCain and the American people would not have a clue of what was happening to them.

We are at war with China and only the Chinese understand this. The top 1% that control America are sending American jobs to China (closing factories in America) not because they hate America but becasue they see a chance to go from rich to megga rich.

So when you go to Walmart and buy those cheap products made is China and say to your self „great deal“ don’t forget to bend over.

China is becoming a world power and we are turning into Great Brittan, A great power of yesterday

Speak truth to power.

Mr. News

admin answers:

He may be a naked mole rat and not even know it.

Ruth asks…

what is the status of full tilt poker and Ultimate bet withdrawal/payout?

i got some money in my fulltilt and UB account and i dont know what is the current news about the pay outs. last i heard is FT is in a ponzi scheme and wondering if FT is still operating and any status on the payouts? thanks

admin answers:

I just got an answer to this question myself so I’ll share what I learned. The answer is, so far, no answer. As you probably know, Full Tilt’s client won’t connect, and the site won’t allow US logins, as the DOJ has seized the domain. Full Tilt is currently looking for a buyer as they are essentially insolvent thanks to DOJ payment processor seizures and payment processor theft.

Short story: they’re broke, and need 300 million to bail them out, and no one wants to step in and help. Unless they find someone, we’re not getting our money out.

John asks…

im feeling like Joe Cada?

i am currently playing at pokerstars an iam feeling like joe cada if you dont know who he is he is the guy who just won the poker main event and took home 8.55 million dollars.

admin answers:

You’re not Joe Cada. You can be like him though.

William asks…

I wanna know about sports betting?

I would like to know and study sports. Sometimes I go to the poker table and the guys I play with are always watching the game and are sports betting so pretty much here are my questions. Where is a website I can go to to get the latest news on sports teams and etc. Also how do you sports bet. I heard people say that sports betting along with playing poker is a good advantage. I plan on doing the sports betting on bodog. So any advice anyone??

admin answers:

Sports betting along with playing poker? Advantage? About the only thing I can think of is if the sporting event is on TV while your playing poker.. A player will be entertained after folding a hand. He/she might play tighter because their not so bored just sitting there folding rag hands. This is a free site to practice with advice? Stay away from parlays.

Donna asks…

Why are facebook pages I’ve never heard of being added to my likes?

these are just random things… example an actor/director that I’ve never heard of, a sports news page, a poker website… a cage fighting page… just random, that kind of thing
There haven’t been any other problems but I really want this to stop.
If it was hacked I’d expect something more harmful than just adding things to my likes, although it seems kinda like a stupid way of advertising
It’s definitly not something a friend would do. I’m sure if it was it wouldn’t be random obscure companies and businesses that seem to be the main thing coming up, they’d definitly put something more funny on there.

admin answers:

Your account might be hacked, as in somebody else knows your password. Or a friend might be doing it to tease you or something/

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