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Thomas asks…

Can I change my pokerstars real money account?

I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to do it. I closed my other account already so I need to add my current account. Any one?

admin answers:

You can not close your first account and open another one. It is against the sites terms of service. If they find out you did this more then likely they will close your second account and transfer any funds to your old one. If you do this multiple times they will suspend you from playing there forever.

If you are looking to change your screen name, well that’s not going to happen either. You are stuck with what you have.

Hope this was Helpful and Good Luck at the Tables,

Daniel asks…

Do I ever need identification when withdrawing money from pokerstars?

Above question says it all. For personal reasons I can’t give my ID when withdrawing money. So do they ever ask for Id, and if so why? And how can i prevent them asking me for it.

admin answers:

Identification is always necessary for withdrawing money…
Otherwise some one other can withdraw money from your account…
That is why identification is required for the withdrawal purpose.

Michael asks…

What is the password for todays TV Pokerstars tournament?

What is the password for the TV Freeroll today on PokerStars? Thanks

admin answers:


good luck

Donald asks…

What is the password for the NAPT Webcast Freeroll on Pokerstars?

It seems to be a fairly publically known password. Would really appreciate it, I’ll pick as best answer the first one that works.


admin answers:

I posted this answer quite a few times below, try scrolling down.

The password is shootout. If you join the forum at they will send you the passwords to these freerolls plus passwords to there private freerolls by Email.

Linda asks…

How many chips should I have before i can sit out in hubbles hold em on pokerstars.?

There are 12000 people in it and i want to make into the top 99 so i get a free real money tournament entry.

admin answers:

The surest way to figure it out is this:

1. Multiply the starting chip amount (1500) by the number of players in the tournament (12000, I believe).

2. Divide that number by the number of people who qualify (100, I think).

That’s the average chip stack that the qualifiers will have. When you’ve reached that amount (about 180,000), you’ll have enough to sit out and most likely qualify.

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