Your Questions About Pokerstars Shut Down

Robert asks…

Blue screen came up then comp shut down?

Okay I was playing a game online then I opened up another game called pokerstars. Shortly afterwards my screen went blue and it said something like „If you have never had this before, turn off your computer.“ – Or something like that, I couldn’t read it fast enough-

Then it turned off and on. Next there was the black screen that had the option to „start normally.“

So what exactly happened??

admin answers:

This is a function of your computer’s BIOS, that is, it automatically restarts your computer when the BSOD shows up.

Ruth asks…

Why are some online poker sites up?

Ok, Im a big poker player and i played online everyday also and last friday the gov’t shut down pokerstars, fulltilt, and absolute poker to us US players. now how come I can still play on bodog, doyles room, or cake poker?? Whats the difference? im not complaining, im just wondering why lol.

admin answers:

2 reasons

1)they are small enough to slip by the DOJ eyes

2)there main owners are already charged with things prior so they don’t give a shit. Whats one more charge(and Doyle isn’t the main owner of Doyles room anymore)

Susan asks…

Full Tilt Poker Shut Down?! Any Sites Similar in Offering Good „Play Money“ Games?

I use to be a big fan of the ’site‘ or the program anyway. Play money games were the bomb, and loads of them very frequently.
Now I return to it and its not working?

PokerStars seems a little crap and confusing.

Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Mate, you have been missing on quite a saga… Take a look at the source bellow for a comprehensive update, but the gist of it is that Full Tilt got their gaming license suspended. It was a UK (AGCC) license, and the suspension was another result of Black Friday. FTP were seemingly on track to sell at least their UK division to some investor, and the AGCC were cooperating with them en route to re-instating their license, but less than couple of weeks ago they reported a snag in the negotiation. There are rumours that the investor was enquiring with the US dept. Of justice about the possibility of returning to operating in the states as well and was rejected…

The next episode in this soap-opera is expected on Sep-15th, when the dead-line for another session of FTP’s hearing at the AGCC. It is currently hard to anticipate what will the result be, but it’s pretty clear at the moment that European FTP players are in a much better position to receive their funds back and even play at FTP again than our US counterparts. I’m crossing my fingers because it was my favourite online poker room as well.

Maria asks…

What is the best/ legit online poker or gambling site?

I’m looking for a website to play poker or casino games for real money! I used top play on pokerstars but the got shut down does anyone know of a legit site that i don’t have to worry about getting scamed?

admin answers:

Here you can register here and play poker and you can also earn your free $50 for only passing the simple quiz 😀

Ken asks…

Where Can US Players Play Online Poker?

With the recent shut down of pokerStars, full tilt poker, Where can US players play online poker? Does anyone know if any poker sites still accepting US players, thanks

admin answers:

The four online poker sites that were probably best know in the United States were shut down but there are still some very good, and well respected, sites that are available to players in the United States. If you are looking for a new US poker site that still takes US players after pokerstars and full tilt poker were shutdown, then visit

So, as you can see, there are still a number of options open to the U.S. Poker player for a safe and secure poker experience.

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