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Sharon asks…

old chick flick movie..?

there is a movie in the 80s or early 90s about 4 girls.. i believe they were underage and runaway together (maybe).. i remember a part in the movie where they were playing poker with makeup.. also another part where some of the girls went to jail for a party they had.. also i think main girl left friends in part of the movie to be with a guy who turned out to be really bad news.. main girl had blond hair… does any of this ring a bell with anybody??? please help!!

admin answers:

It sounds like an old movie w/ Jodie Foster called „Foxes“ I think it came out in 1980.

Ruth asks…

Why do I believe AGW is a leftist movement?;_ylt=AgB.enjEPy6gD8HVXGhBENDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100215141412AA0vOIE&show=7#profile-info-YhL8uZg5aa

Just read the comments about FOX news.

“ I make it as Fox news doesn’t understand science speak, or they do and are willing to twist it for their agenda.“

„Simple. Fox News lied to you.“

„1) FoxNews twists anything into its own agenda“

„Typical right-wing media “

You people give yourselves away. If we were playing poker, I’d call. I can also quote left wing politicians.

admin answers:

Your post is about FoxNews. People use it as news but it is an editorial station.

My contribution is the example of the Jones interview. Compare FoxNew’s story to the actual interview at the BBC and you will see that my comment has no political slant: it is a fact that the FoxNews story contained lies. Just read the two and see for yourself.

The fact is that the conservative slanted media are the media that consistently attacks scientists. That includes sources that pretent to be mainstrean news such as FoxNews, the responsible editorial sources such as the WSJ and George Will, and the sheep-herding know-nothings such as the many blabbering radio talk show hosts including Anthony Watts. Much of the conservative media is so peranoid of the politics that they look past the science to make personal attacts on the scientists.

The on-line media also includes a number of whack-job ignorants that people post here as news source.

The pro-science community on this forum continues to point out the dishonesty, ignorance and distortions presented by these editorial media. Very often these sites take a quote out of context or even misquote it altogether. The Jones inverview is full of that. This is beyond politics. You and I would likely agree much more than you think on economic matters, that is if you actually have an understanding of how economics works. My pointing-out dishonest media does not make me a liberal, nor does my use of primary news.

Take a look at your own rant. You compare slanted media to left-wing politicians. That is a fair comparison, and to the point. FoxNews is a political propaganda medium, more like a political campaign than a news chanel. It should be given all of the credibility of any politician. It should not be trusted as a news source. Seriously, test it yourself by reading the two versions of the Phil Jones interview and see that FoxNews made up stuff about what he said. Remember, FoxNews contributed nothing to the strory, there were merely reporting what was in the BBC interview so the test is fair and balanced.

Many news sources are twisted and dihonest. Critical thinkers are aware of this and test their sources. Nobody should be a sheep, and many of the followers of FoxNews are sheep.

Mark asks…

Will you rate my rap? I just wrote it. (not my best)?

I just wrote this,
That’s my disclaimer
i pour water on lyrichris flamers
i’m wild
my lyrics get realer as your lyrics get tamer.
no one can be a lyrichris tamer
no child,
adult , man or woman
i hate what man demands of woman
i hate black on black crime
but i can’t turn back time
to the movement of civil rights,
when we worked together
after we got civil rights,
our ties just got severed.
But never

will i stop
I’m like a chain smoker
gotta get it off my chest
like my name was al roker.
the weather is good,
but the news is a brain choker
It’ll leave your brain dead
and bait for a stick poker.
War is a game of sick poker,
And so is this rap
Imma go write some more
while the flow is on tap.
no 60 cent … I’m a whole DOLLAR!

admin answers:

You doin reel good brutha…I know good rap, I kno commercial rap, I kno gangsta rap…
I’ma fan of all three…
& I know u got potential to be the type of rapper Lupe is…maybe not get on his level, cuzz he’s just a mastermind…
But u defenitly seem to has his style, & if u keep workin with lyrics like that…you’ll defenitly be known as a great lyricist if u get in the game…keep that up my dude…
Make sure u add your own lil style into ya lyrics, so everyone defenitly kno thats u spittin…

William asks…

am I falling for him or is this just a friend thing or what I’m confused please awnser this is important I’m g?

Okay so I’ve like been on the rails of „like“ liking a guy who I will call Nathan since I meet him but every time I thought about it I told myself that if I fall for him he wont catch me he’s not a jerk he just doesn’t date but last night everything changed here’s what happened me and my church group went to a AA baseball game he and his dad had gone out to the consession stands and I was looking for the cottoncandy lady while he was gone he got a cotton candy for himself and I was like why didn’t you tell me you were going for cottoncandy then he went with me to the consesion stand to get some cause „Ashley“ wouldn’t go with me. we talked and when we got back I was talking to his dad and his dad said „Kelsi“ not only is he cute but he can cook too „Nathan“ turned bright red the rest of the night we were totally hitting it off we shared some kettle corn and he walked with me to the dug out to take pictures then the huge storm started and we went to the front of the building to wait for the bus and I was completely scared and it was really cold cause the rain was hitting me because of the wind but I couldn’t get my mom’s cell phone wet or my dad’s hat (I was wearing it because it was a flying squirrels hat) „Nathan“ said (and I quote) if I had a jacket I’d ofer (cause I was really cold) then he gave me his hat to put my dad’s hat in so it wouldn’t get wet and his dad held my mom’s phone in his pocket wich was thick enough to not get the phone wet and he held my pop corn and my drink while i was keeping the hat dry cause it couldn’t get wet and stood there and tried to get me to stop thinking about the storm which was really scarry to me (I was terrified) then when the van finally showed up we were walking down the stair and he was infront of me when he got down he stood their and waited for me in the pouring rain and in the bus he sat next to me and we talked all the way their it was really „fun“(fun meaning slightly romantic) oh and some of the stuff we were talking about made me realize we are totally compatable and get this he was born in Norfolk (were I was born)then moved to Georgia and back up,and some of the other stuff was cool too he loves history (me too)the one place he would live if any where is in the mountains (me too) some day he wants to go to Italy and hike the Alps (me too) and he loves greek mythology (me too) and probably my favorite thing he said the entire nightis that when he graduates from boot camp from the marines he’s gonna invite me to his graduation and then later he asked me if I could change my grage into anything I wanted what would I do and I told him I would do a poker room and he said he’s never played poker before so I told we’ll have to play it some time and guess what I told him i wasn’t going to cleveland ohio on the mission trip and he said he’d miss me and the best news of the night his mom is going to host a 7th grade bible study at her house for wensday night (I’m going) and he’s gonna be there

(he’s so confusing one day he’s completely oblivious that I’m even there and the next he goes and does this)
the title of this question got cut off cause it was too long the whole thing is am I falling for him or is this just a friend thing or what I’m confused please awnser this is immportant I’m going to see him tomorrow and I don’t know what to do when I see him please tell me what to do

admin answers:

Search I would give u more advice, but i didnt feel like reading all that. Lol. But, yeah, they have a relationships section with do i love him/her and does he/she like me in that section.

Steven asks…

What do you think of my writing?

I was feeling frustrated yesterday and I wanted to vent, and this is the result. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

It seems like a mere week cannot pass without the news discussing something related to the rights of homosexuals. I was of course prompted to write this after New York recently legalized gay marriage, so prepare yourself for the utter truth that is going to ensue.

I am so tired of hearing about gay marriages.

Now I have been a US citizen my entire life, and I can honestly say that I question the sanity of my own country very often. The fact that so many states have yet to legalize gay marriage just boggles my mind, and that is the reason why whenever I hear about the arguments surrounding the topic between liberals and conservatives I want to throw something at my television. The answer is so clear to me; I don’t know why everyone else is gurgling in murky water.

I am one hundred percent in support of gay marriage. Why? Simply because it’s nobody’s business, and it’s irrelevant in the life of a conservative heterosexual. Let’s suppose you are an average man of the age of thirty-five who rakes in fifty-thousand a year. You and your family attend church on Sundays and live in a suburban neighborhood. Your hobbies include hunting, spending time with your kids and playing poker with your buddies on the weekend. The perfect example of a middle class American. Now let’s add in some neighbors. A newlywed couple has recently moved in beside you, and your wife was thoughtful enough to bake them some cookies (please excuse the cliché). You go over to deliver them, and when the door is answered you see two men standing in the threshold.

But in spite of your new neighbors’ sexuality your income is still fifty-thousand a year, you have remained a family man, and you still enjoy hunting and playing poker. You still go to church every Sunday. A black hole has not developed as a result of someone being openly gay.

So why all the fuss? Heterosexuals can mind their own business, and homosexuals can do the same. I don’t understand homophobia, as all humans have certain rights. The Constitution states that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness, and marriage could be a big part of that pursuit for a gay person. Why can’t our country just play nice and shine some light on other pressing matters?

admin answers:

The grammar is solid and the writing itself looks tight enough. You did a nice job writing this.

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