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Nancy asks…

Is there a way to cheat on Pokerstars?

I play on pokerstars all the time but people tell me that theres a way to cheat on there. Am I wasteing my money or is it all legit?

admin answers:

Nope. Well not that im aware of. I dont risk my money with it though, just incase…

Good luck with your poker games though!

Michael asks…

insufficient funds on pokerstars when I have more than enough?

on pokerstars I want to transfer 10$ to my friend and I have more than enough money to do this. I am sending it while im not on a table and it say’s I have unsufficient funds to make this trasnfer.. does anyone know what’s wrong with my account?

admin answers:

My guess is you recently deposited. Probably not by CC.
If so then the deposit was not cleared yet.
You will have to wait til it is cleared. Or send any amount that is ove the deposit amount.
If this is not the situation contact Support at PS and they will fix the problem they have great Customer service.
Good Luck

Ken asks…

What’s the benefit of being a „supernova“ player on Pokerstars?

I was just wondering if there are actually benefits for the different ratings on Pokerstars.

admin answers:

Ability to purchase exclusive Supernova merchandise from the VIP Store using your FPP credits
You earn 5 FPP credits for every 1 VPP earned
As you reach various VIP Milestones you can purchase special cash credits
$30,000 tourney (Saturdays at 14:30 for 100 FPP buy-in)
$75,000 tourney (Saturdays at 14:00 – free entry)
$100,000 freeroll (Last Saturday of each month – free entry)
As a Supernova Elite you will automatically be given free entry to the WCOOP main event.

Robert asks…

What’s the benefit of being a „supernova“ player on Pokerstars?

I was just wondering if there are actually benefits for the different ratings on Pokerstars.

admin answers:

It’s all about the FPPs. As a Supernova, I earn 3.5 FPPs per VPP earned, as opposed to one FPP per VPP that the Bronzestars earn. With these extra FPPs, I can buy more cash bonuses from the VIP store, and thus get more money back per dollar wagered than players at lower levels. Cash bonuses also cost less per dollar than they do for players at lower level. For example, a Silverstar player can buy a $50 bonus for 5,000 points, which equates to 1 cent per FPP point. As a Supernova, I can buy a $4,000 bonus for 250,000 points. With this bonus, each FPP is worth 1.6 cents. So, as you can see, each FPP point is worth 60 percent more as a Supernova than it is for a Silverstar!

Bottom line, it’s all about the money. I earn enough FPPs to buy that $4,000 bonus about three times a year (more or less). That means all I have to do is break even (for the year), and I’ll make about $12,000. Not too shabby, eh?

The real trick is being able to reach and maintain Supernova Elite status. If you can do that, you can earn over 5,000,000 FPPs per year. That means a break even player can make $80,000 a year!

Lisa asks…

What is the quickest way to become a supernova elite on pokerstars.?

admin answers:

First off, there is no „quick“ way to become a Supernova Elite. It takes awhile and means you’re playing on Pokerstars as a full time job.

Anyway, the ’secret‘ is multi-tabling at turbo sit and goes. Your average turbo sit and go (single or two table, bigger tournaments take longer) takes about a half an hour. A good multi-tabler is going to play 10 (or more) at a time. So, you can play about 20 tournaments an hour. If you play, for example, $60 sit and goes ($55+$5) you get 25 VPPs per tournaments. If you play 40 hours a week, that’s 800 tournaments, which is 20,000 VPPs a week. 20,000 times 50 weeks is a million VPPs a year, which makes you a Supernova Elite.

This is cutting it close getting in your million points, but keep in mind that many multi-tablers player more than 10 tournaments at a time (some play as many as 30!!!) and many people play a lot more than 40 hours a week (60 or more is not uncommon).

Good luck and have fun.

EDIT: Whomever gave me a thumbs down has no idea what they’re talking about.

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