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Betty asks…

What’s the best Vegas Casino for low-limit poker?

I’m going to Vegas tonight, and was wondering what casino has the best poker room, preferably one with a lot of low-limit tables?? I’m looking to win a little money, and I know if I can find a nice low limit table (maybe $5-$10 blinds), sitn-play style, I can make quite a bit of money in time..

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Binions. Hotel California on Freemont St.
Or take a ride north to N. Las Vegas. Lots of the places there still have $1 black jack.
Goodl luck and hope you keep winning.

Jenny asks…

what is a good poker app on facebook?

I am looking for a good poker game app on facebook, I really like Prizewagons Acebook poker, but they lack sitngo’s, as well as frequent tourney play. I absolutely HATE Zynga, I think its total shit, and I have no need for those who are going to advertise there site just to get ppl there, I am looking for a site, where the poker play is somewhat solid,

admin answers:

Try the Facebook app store. You would find good apps over there.

If you are looking for real money poker app then go for FullTilt poker and PokerStars. They must have started providing the apps to the players. As they are well known poker sites all over the world.

Daniel asks…

When should I start to play Texas Hold’em No-Limit in real money?

I am a beginner in poker. I have been playing Sitngo-s on Full Tilt Poker for 3 days, and since then I made 5100 chips from my 1000, with cca. 10 hours of play. I almost always finish in the first 3.

admin answers:

If you have been playing with „Play“ chips, then you know NOTHING about playing Texas Hold ‚em No Limit. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

The catch is that you won’t ever be ready to play real money until you actually play real money! Just fair warning – it’s a whole different game.

Do yourself a favor – start at very low stakes. If you can beat the small games, then build up higher slowly.

Oh – and furthermore, 10 hours of play means you BARELY have even started playing. Don’t be too anxious to give away your money.

Helen asks…

Poker night. How to entertain losers?

I’m going to hold a poker tournament with friends next week. 10 people, prize pool, chips, good table… everything close to casino sitngo tournament. But it’s still just hangin‘ out with friends. A game can last up to 4-6 hours, it can be quite boring for those who do not reach the finals of 2. Any ideas how to entertain them till the end of a game?
By saying ‚losers‘ I’ve actually meant players who do not reach finals 🙂 No actual losers here.

admin answers:

There is no way a single table tournament should last 4-6 hours. I would suggest playing a single table no limit tournament with about 1,000 in chips to start and blinds of 25/50. Blinds go up every 15 minures. As players get eliminated, they move to another table where there is live play. That was when you are town to 2 or 3 in the tournament, the other 7 or 8 are playing live play while waiting. When the tournament is compete, the final 2 either join the live game or everyone starts a new tournament. A no limit tournament with 10 people and $1,000 in chips should take about an hour.

Richard asks…

How likely is this poker losing streak on PokerStars?

I am a fairly solid sitngo player. I specialize in 6 max one table sitngo’s with buyins ranging from $3.25 to $6.60. My return on investment typically hovers between ten and fifteen percent. I make the money in these games about 45% of the time with a good number of both second and first place finishes. Now, here is something that has me scratching my head:

In my last twenty 6 max sitngo’s, I have cashed only once! Two money spots are available in each game out of six players and I just can’t seem to get in there lately. Almost every coin flip in all of my key hands is not going my way. Lately, it seems if I move all in with my short stack and have the other player’s ace dominated, he hits his kicker to bust me. This losing streak seems to defy mathematics but I’m not sure. I seriously think I’m playing solid poker but few things are going my way.

Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on!?

admin answers:

Online websites are scams. The badbeats and coin flips dont ever go your way. Pokerstars nicknames are jokerstars and riverstars.

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