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Your Questions About Odd Calculator Each Way

Dienstag, Februar 14th, 2012

Ruth asks…

Bra measurements incorrect?

So, lately I’ve realized that I am wearing the wrong bra size. So, I read about how to properly measure your bra size, but a bunch of different sites have different ways to measure your bra size. I feel with each way, that they are still wrong because they all are different.

For example, my measurements are:
Over bust: 32
Bust: 33
Under bust: 29

According to Victorias Secret’s guidlines, the overbust measurement is your band size. Substract band size from bust size. (32-33= -1) That makes no sense at all.

Another site suggests that you add 5 to the underbust measurement if it is an odd number to find band size. Then subtract band size from bust size again. (29+5=34) then (33-34= -1) Again, another negative number.

Another way was that your underbust measurement was your band size, but if it was an odd number, round up. So therefore my band size would be 30. Then again, subtract band size from bust size. (33-30= 3) So that makes me a 30C.

I am totally confused on what bra size I am. I currently wear a 34B cause that is what I always felt I was. I tried on many sizes of bras. A 32B caused spillage. A 32C felt exactly the same as my 34B, but I understand that those 2 sizes are the similar because of the „down a band size, up a cup size“ theory. Also, a bra calculator suggested that I was a 34A, and that bra size definitely doesn’t fit me as well. It’s impossible to try a 30C because every store I have been doesn’t carry that size.

How many other ladies have the same problem?

admin answers:

You measure out as a 30C, but measurements are only supposed to serve as a starting point when trying on bras. If a 34B cups are too small, try a 30DD. A 30DD is just one cup larger than a 34B, so don’t feel that you can’t be a DD because true DDs aren’t large at all. A 34B and 32C are „sister sizes“ along with 36A, 30D, and 28DD and all that means is that the cups are all the same volume while the band size changes.

The method where you add 4, 5, or even 6 inches to your band size is outdated and was originally used before bras had elastic and could stretch; it no longer applies to modern bras.

Linda asks…

Can you help me with some school work?

I am here. The air is
laden in corrosive bile, somewhat offset
by a repulsing essence of false camaraderie,
I breathe in, my lungs burn
from the putrid sweetness that lingers.

The apparent leader, grins
behind an orange crusted mound of facial hair,
partially hidden under an over-sized silver helmet
which appears to be a relic from World War One,
with numerous indentations and scratches.

He walks with an arrogance and smugness, suggesting
the underlings are unaware of his diminished capacity.

I would say the lot of them are…not so much as ugly,
but….not pretty, in a face for radio kind of way
each attached to the other with green umbilical cordage
protruding from what appears to be, a miniature IBM cash register
implanted in their foreheads, causing all to list at odd angles.

The halls are mirrored, two way of course
and the helmeted Godman walks the corridors,
steadily humming show tunes, in his hands
a TI 35 calculator, a ticker tape like trailer follows.

He seems to have an assistant, looking very Garfunkelesque,
she fawns over the leader, rubbing a greyish ointment over his helmet
which seems to…excite him. The lesser class here, are happy and often seen
connecting their umbilicals, to what appears to be a central scrutinizing unit.

I am worried about them. Each morning they gather, kneeling three degrees
West of North, chanting in an unknown language before consuming
an orange gelatinous liquid. I feel a Jonestown sense to it all. I realized
today, that the liquid matches the Leaders facial hair in tone. Odd….

I am trying to get this prose like piece into a poem format for a teacher I need to impress…any suggestions are appreciated
thanks was your opionion I was counting on

admin answers:

I am here but when look 3 degrees w West of North,
the air inside me burns with fear.

Over there his orange hair
hides a grin,
and a battered relic larger than him,
sits over his head,
over his eyes,
and covers the orange
that covers the grin.
Apparent leader, what
war fought and done are you still in?

Your followers do not know,
that you have a lot you do not show.
Your importance is exhausted…,
yet you lead.

You lead this group,
of unthinking faces,
to the horror of
your known places.
Everything put together, it doesn’t compute
It’s just data, data and data loops.

As his importance waxes
from his vision of battleaxes,
I can see what they cannot,

Holding on and providing assistance
with unneeded aid,
they are the remainders and reminders
of his delusions for an undeserved, wrong data,
ticker tape parade.

I am worried for this group that wants to run,
but remain to remind him that he’s the one…,
he’s the one…,
the leader that hides orange in his hair, hat, head, health and grin.
I see a spellbound relentless orange morning ray
gather this group that wants to run and not pray.

But the only color that they profess to see
is orange tranquility.
Odd, that „they who want to run“ know of his superstition better than me.

Hope it helps, I just tried to make it more personal.

Donald asks…

Therapy is making me feel worse!?

I am seeing a therapist for generalized anxiety disorder & body image issues. I have been seeing my therapist for 1 month. My anxiety has gotten worse & now I feel that I’m not getting any better. Each week I feel like I am getting worse because I have to deal with issues that I haven’t had to think about for years. We agreed that the approach to my healing would be through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, but so far all we’ve done is talk about my past. He doesn’t even address my body image issues. When I bring my body issues up, he glides right over that & on to more questions about my family.
The sessions go by fast & mostly consist of casual talk about my job & conversations regarding my family history. Last week he asked me if I would tell him how much money I make at my job. We spent 15 minutes discussing my salary. When I asked why he was interested, he said he was intrigued by people in the art world & just wondered what kind of money I made. He even pulled out a calculator hoping I’d tell him what I make a month. I thought that was odd, but maybe not. I cry every single time I’m in therapy & I feel dumb after wards. He always looks at me & says he feels sorry for me…
That statement makes me feel pretty bad & very, very, very pathetic. I didn’t go there for sympathy…I go for a solution.
Before therapy I had mild anxiety, but now I have serious anxiety & sadness because all the old stuff I went through is fresh on my mind week after week. Also, I agreed to do medical therapy along with CBT.
I was already on meds given to me by my general physician, but my psychologist wants me to see a psychiatrist for a prescription.
He told me that the psychiatrist would have to reevaluate me, so that means I’ll have to go through all the depressing details of my past again & with a new strange person. I’ve told him that this alone causes me a lot of anxiety, but he ignores my concerns & continues to insist.
I really don’t want to do this, but I’m feeling pressured into it.
I found this guy through my insurance plan. Therapy is kinda new to me, so I dont‘ want to rush into any judgements on what is & isn’t normal. But, is this normal?? Should I be feeling worse & more anxious? Or am I feeling this way because my therapist isn’t a good fit for me?
I am already on paroxetine (paxil).
I was doing fine with the drug I already have, but my general physician felt therapy would help even more…but as I said before…I’m getting worse now.
The reason my therapist wants me to see a psychiatrist (that he knows & has selected )is because he wants me to try lamictal.
He says he’s read that many psychiatrists are trying lamictal with great success for people who have my disorder. My general physician suggests I avoid this drug.

admin answers:

You are very much on target.
„Cognitive therapy“ does not delve into family history much–it is your thinking ansd messages you send yourself about body image. Now perhaps the doctor is trying to find a link from your childhood and how your parents treated you and what messages they gave you about yourself–which affects your self-esteem.
Bottom line is this–if he is wasting your time (and the whiole crock about your salary is just that)–then he is not for you.
Perhaps a female therapist would work out better.
If Paxil is helping, i don’t know why he is pushing for lamictal–unless if they get great kick backs from the drug manufacturer 9which most doctors do get some kind of kickback from various drug companies–I’m serious, like trips, weekends in hawaii, etc).
Besides the paxil, (which is an anti-depressant much like Zoloft or Prozac)–you would benefit from a small dose of something for anxiety–such as klonopin, or ativan, xanax. It works right away–within 30 minutes to help relax you, and calm down your heart rate, etc.
Paxil works cumulatively–„Over time“. It has to build up in your blood stream to a therapeutic level–may take 4-6 weeks to stabilkize at the right level.
Oh–nnot sure, but some doctors will ‚refer‘ their patients to a ‚friend‘. Kinda keep the money flowing their friend’s direction, and vice versa.
Some people see a psychiatrist once a month, maybe for a half hour for medication review only.
The real ‚therapy‘ is done with a psychologist (‚counselor) who does ‚talk therapy‘, and gets to the root of things and works through them with you.
So you have options. I’m sure there are group therapies too. Some are all women, etc. There may be some support groups too, that a counselor would know about–on body image and self esteem, etc.
Please don’t be intimidated by this shrink. I have worked for them and with them for over 2 decades. Most are great and very caring. And some are quacks, just like in any profession.
You deserve the best–your ‚intuition‘ about this guy seems to be right on the mark.
I knew one psychiatrist who spent half a session telling the lady about his trip to bostomn.
Seeing that she was spending $140.00 per session–that doctor made $70.00 talking about his trip. She wrote him a letter explaining that she would not be returening until he paid her back the money. He offerred a free session–and she took it to terminate his services.
Best wishes to you.

Mark asks…

When does the second episode of „The Buk Journals“come out?


Day two…..

Meditation Alternative Recovery Station

The halls are mirrored, two way of course
and the helmeted Godman walks the corridors,
steadily humming show tunes, in his hands
a TI 35 calculator, a ticker tape like trailer follows.

He seems to have an assistant, looking very Garfunkelesque,
she fawns over the leader, rubbing a greyish ointment over his helmet
which seems to…excite him. The lesser class here, are happy and often seen
connecting their umbilicals, to what appears to be a central scrutinizing unit.

I am worried about them. Each morning they gather, kneeling three degrees
West of North, chanting in an unknown language before consuming
an orange gelatinous liquid. I feel a Jonestown sense to it all. I realized
today, that the liquid matches the Leaders facial hair in tone. Odd….

Day three….

Day one…

admin answers:

Plug me into the central scrutiniser right away.

Ken asks…

Please answer these Statistics questions?

Please answer the questions and help me to understand this.

. 1. Find the indicated probability.

You are dealt two cards successively (without replacement) from a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. Find the probability that both cards are black.

2.Find the indicated probability.

An unprepared student makes random guesses for the ten true-false questions on a quiz. Find the probability that there is at least one correct answer.

3.Find the indicated probability.

A sample of 4 different calculators is randomly selected from a group containing 15 that are defective and 30 that have no defects. What is the probability that at least one of the calculators is defective?

4. Find the indicated probability.

In a blood testing procedure, blood samples from 5 people are combined into one mixture. The mixture will only test negative if all the individual samples are negative. If the probability that an individual sample tests positive is 0.09, what is the probability that the mixture will test positive.

6. Evaluate the expression.


7. Solve the problem.

The library is to be given 3 books as a gift. The books will be selected from a list of 18 titles. If each book selected must have a different title, how many possible selections are there?

8. Solve the problem.

How many 5-digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 if repetition of digits is not allowed

9. Solve the problem.

How many ways can 6 people be chosen and arranged in a straight line if there are 8 people to choose from

10. Answer the question.

Find the odds against correctly guessing the answer to a multiple choice question with 4 possible answers.

Thank you..

admin answers:

1) p(x) = 1/2 * 25/51 = 25/102

means not all answers wrong.
2) p(x) = 1 – (1/2)^10 = 1023/1024

3) same as nr2 , means not all in order.
P(x) = 1 – ( 30/45 * 29/44 * 28/43 * 27/42)

4 p(x) = 1- (1 – 0.09)^5

6 ) 10*9*8*7

7) 18*17*16/(1*2*3)

8) 7*6*5*4*3

9) 8*7*6*5*4*3

10) how many questions??

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Your Questions About Odd Calculator

Montag, Februar 13th, 2012

John asks…

Need to create calculator program displaying the set of odd numbers from 1-75?

This is what i have:
Lbl Z
Disp „A IS“, A
if A>=75

I know this is wrong because it carries what A was from the last run through. So it plugs in 0 first, then 1 next, then, 3, then 7 and 15, 31,63, and 127 so on…

I somehow need to loop it so it inserts numbers increasing by 1 instead.

admin answers:

Lbl Z
Disp „A IS“, A
if A>=75

this down not program
i changed you starting from 0 to starting with one because of the method you were using to get the next odd was from changing your variable that also why the line to change it is adding 2 now if you want to use the equation 2n+1 could of set it up with two variables one counting thru the loop the other your odd number like so
Lbl Z
Disp „A IS“, A
if A>=75

Donna asks…

How do you determine if a function is an odd function?

I’m not allowed a calculator or anything like that. Just a pencil.

For example F(x) = xsinx – how do I know if this is odd or even?

admin answers:

If f(-x)=-f(x), f(x) is odd function.
If f(-x)=f(x),f(x) is even function

so function is even function

Paul asks…

how do you work out bettings odds on a calculator?

UK odds that is and it has to be fraction (/)

admin answers:

It’s really easy. You do it like a division problem. 5/2 or 5 to 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5
Now you simply take this number and multiply by your stake amount to get your potential profit. You will also get your wager amount returned if you win!

Http:// (Sports betting for newbies)

Lisa asks…

Using the TI-84 to find inverse, reflection, even, and odd functions?

I am trying to figure out how I can get the inverse, reflection, even, and odd of a function using the graphic calculator. Is it possible or not? Thanks!
I can do it on paper, but I need to learn how to use the TI-84, and I am lost!

admin answers:

I hav one, i dont hav it on me but im pretty sure u can do it under the draw menu, the only thing is u might hav to graph y=x nd reflect it on that to get the inver function. For odds and evens just graph it nd look to see if its symmetrical.

Helen asks…

How do you calculate the yield for an odd size sheet of plastic?

I found the perfect thickness of plastic Delrin in my garage but it’s already shaped in an exact circle. The Diameter is 4 inches which is fine because I need 3.89 inch diameter in the pieces I’m cutting. I have approx. 75.3 inches of length of the delrin. Each of the pieces is really thin that I’m creating a mear .03125 inches. I need 324 pieces and a couple to spare wouldn’t hurt. Does anyone know how to calculate this or is there a calculator that does this?

admin answers:

Confusing question, but I think I understand what you need.
There are yield calculators out there on the internet, but I will do the math for you.

You would get 327 pieces of 4″ diameter discs that are .03125″ thick.
The reason it wouldn’t be more is that the saw blade will eat up material in between each cut (about .2″ per cut)
Just so you know, this job will be VERY difficult to do, so make sure you have proper machinery or take it to a professional.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Poker Games

Sonntag, Februar 12th, 2012

Richard asks…

Why is poker and other gambling games so popular? There are much card games don’t you think?

Hearts, crazy eights, president, idiot, uno are all better games then poker. And they won’t cause you to lose your house.
It’s supposed to be „much more card games.“ Sorry bout the typo.

admin answers:

No matter how high or low the stakes are, for many people, playing for money just adds an extra bit of extra excitement to the game. You know the saying: „No risk, no fun!“

Ken asks…

how do I use the message box to communicate with other players at poker games?

admin answers:

You type into it. It’s a chat box, you just type and press enter and there it is

Steven asks…

can i change my id just for the poker games?

i just want to know if i can change my id (name) just for the poker games. i want to keep for everything else. but i would really like to change it for the poker games thank you

admin answers:

Are you inadvertently giving the entire Y! Answers community (potentially) your e-mail address or was that by design?

In answer to your question, you could register a separate e-mail address…g-mail is pretty simple and fairly anonymous.

Mandy asks…

what is the history of the green visor now used in poker games.?

Was it originally worn by accountants and bankers? what period? and where?

admin answers:

I think it started getting used in poker games somewhere in the 30’s or40’s the dealer in a poker game used it to protect their eyes and not let other see the look they had when they had a good hand or a bad hand…

John asks…

how to win poker games?

Poker is an all-time favorite card game. It is widely Size of a Poker Chippopular in every kind of gambling arena and is increasingly getting a huge following among online casino lovers. In some gatherings, family get-togethers, and friendly reunions, poker is often adapted as a form of entertainment that helps guests go along easier. Bingo is no longer the number one social game; it was easily taken aback by poker. With more and more people getting interested to have a game or two regardless if there is a bet involved or not, the equipment usually needed at the poker table are made available in gaming stores. In this article, we will focus on an important poker stuff, the poker chip.

admin answers:

It is usually how u play the cards u are given. Fold, check, or play.

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Your Questions About Sit N Go Poker

Mittwoch, Februar 8th, 2012

Betty asks…

What’s the best Vegas Casino for low-limit poker?

I’m going to Vegas tonight, and was wondering what casino has the best poker room, preferably one with a lot of low-limit tables?? I’m looking to win a little money, and I know if I can find a nice low limit table (maybe $5-$10 blinds), sitn-play style, I can make quite a bit of money in time..

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Binions. Hotel California on Freemont St.
Or take a ride north to N. Las Vegas. Lots of the places there still have $1 black jack.
Goodl luck and hope you keep winning.

Jenny asks…

what is a good poker app on facebook?

I am looking for a good poker game app on facebook, I really like Prizewagons Acebook poker, but they lack sitngo’s, as well as frequent tourney play. I absolutely HATE Zynga, I think its total shit, and I have no need for those who are going to advertise there site just to get ppl there, I am looking for a site, where the poker play is somewhat solid,

admin answers:

Try the Facebook app store. You would find good apps over there.

If you are looking for real money poker app then go for FullTilt poker and PokerStars. They must have started providing the apps to the players. As they are well known poker sites all over the world.

Daniel asks…

When should I start to play Texas Hold’em No-Limit in real money?

I am a beginner in poker. I have been playing Sitngo-s on Full Tilt Poker for 3 days, and since then I made 5100 chips from my 1000, with cca. 10 hours of play. I almost always finish in the first 3.

admin answers:

If you have been playing with „Play“ chips, then you know NOTHING about playing Texas Hold ‚em No Limit. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

The catch is that you won’t ever be ready to play real money until you actually play real money! Just fair warning – it’s a whole different game.

Do yourself a favor – start at very low stakes. If you can beat the small games, then build up higher slowly.

Oh – and furthermore, 10 hours of play means you BARELY have even started playing. Don’t be too anxious to give away your money.

Helen asks…

Poker night. How to entertain losers?

I’m going to hold a poker tournament with friends next week. 10 people, prize pool, chips, good table… everything close to casino sitngo tournament. But it’s still just hangin‘ out with friends. A game can last up to 4-6 hours, it can be quite boring for those who do not reach the finals of 2. Any ideas how to entertain them till the end of a game?
By saying ‚losers‘ I’ve actually meant players who do not reach finals 🙂 No actual losers here.

admin answers:

There is no way a single table tournament should last 4-6 hours. I would suggest playing a single table no limit tournament with about 1,000 in chips to start and blinds of 25/50. Blinds go up every 15 minures. As players get eliminated, they move to another table where there is live play. That was when you are town to 2 or 3 in the tournament, the other 7 or 8 are playing live play while waiting. When the tournament is compete, the final 2 either join the live game or everyone starts a new tournament. A no limit tournament with 10 people and $1,000 in chips should take about an hour.

Richard asks…

How likely is this poker losing streak on PokerStars?

I am a fairly solid sitngo player. I specialize in 6 max one table sitngo’s with buyins ranging from $3.25 to $6.60. My return on investment typically hovers between ten and fifteen percent. I make the money in these games about 45% of the time with a good number of both second and first place finishes. Now, here is something that has me scratching my head:

In my last twenty 6 max sitngo’s, I have cashed only once! Two money spots are available in each game out of six players and I just can’t seem to get in there lately. Almost every coin flip in all of my key hands is not going my way. Lately, it seems if I move all in with my short stack and have the other player’s ace dominated, he hits his kicker to bust me. This losing streak seems to defy mathematics but I’m not sure. I seriously think I’m playing solid poker but few things are going my way.

Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on!?

admin answers:

Online websites are scams. The badbeats and coin flips dont ever go your way. Pokerstars nicknames are jokerstars and riverstars.

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Your Questions About Sit N Go Tournament

Mittwoch, Januar 25th, 2012

Laura asks…

Should I start with cash games, sit n‘ go, or tournaments?

I’m no pro, but I’d like to say I’m skilled. I’ve played pretty extensively online and drawn a net profit. I know what I’m doing and I’ve read Dan Harrington’s book on no limit hold ‚em. I really want to start playing live, and unfortunately the closest I’ve got to live tables are home games and nothing too professional.

I’m a little afraid of cash games, since online I’ve never liked the idea of sitting at a table and throwing my money at people hand after hand. I’ve been very successful at large MTTs though (200-1200 people) and have drawn a net profit on these. I’ve always liked the idea of paying a fee and knowing that I’ll never end the day losing more money than that, doing something I love and having a chance at winning some of it back. To me it’s like paying 50 bucks to go to Disney World or something and on the way out having a staff come up to me and say „Congratulations, you’ve won!“ and handing me 200 back.

So my question is, with my extensive tournament experience, would it still be okay for me to jump into my first live MTT before I try Sit n Gos or cash games, or should I try to start small?

I’m very experienced in NL Hold ‚Em, good at Limit, and have some experience in PLO, 7 Card Stud and Razz.

admin answers:

One thing you should know is that beating these games on-line is HARDER than beating these games live! If you’ve been successful on-line, you shouldn’t have any trouble with live games.

There is only one fear I would have for someone who has never played live. It is SO much slower that I’m afraid someone like you might lose patience. You’ve got to play your game the same way you’ve been playing it. Of course this includes adjusting to your opponents, too.

Just have realistic expectations. Nobody cashes in MTT’s without at least SOME luck. You know that. If you stick with your game, it will be just like on-line. You’ll „draw a net profit“, but it might be slower than on-line. Because it’s easier live, I believe you’ll make more money PER TOURNAMENT average; however, instead of being able to play 5 to 10 tournaments in a day, you’ll only be able to play 1.

Helen asks…

Pokerstars tournament question?

Im kinda new to pokerstars…Ive been playing in the sit n go tournaments pretty much played most of the games w/ & w/o real money and now I cant figure out 2 things 1.How in the world do u play 2-7 triple draw??? I dnt get it…I play reg 5 card draw, but I dnt get that one..are they played the same? and 2.Im trying to get in the „TOURNEY“ tournaments but everytime I go to tourney and select a ‚announced‘ on that hasnt started it dnt give me the option to enter…can u plz explain that?? thanks in advance!!!

admin answers:

Here’s a basic explanation of 2-7 Triple Draw. The goal is to make the worst possible hand, with flushes and straights counting against you. So, 23457 (that is not a flush) is the best possible hand, hence the name 2-7 Triple Draw. Ace is considered High only, so it’s not a good card to have. Usually, it is played limit, but it can also be played no-limit.

Each player is dealt 5 cards, like 5 Card Draw. Then, after a round of betting (on Stars, they use a small and big blind instead of antes), each playter still in the hand can draw. Then there is another round of betting, followed by the second draw. Then a third round of betting followed by the third and last chance to draw. Finally, there is the last betting round and showdown.

As for the „Announced“ tourneys, you can only sign up when it is closer to start time and the tourney’s status changes from „Announced“ to „Registering“.

Good luck.

Charles asks…

Where do you find you make the most consistent money?

At ring/cash games? At tournaments? At sitn-gos? I used to play mainly cash games, but my winnings would fluctuate. I don’t blame the style of games, I blame myself for going on tilt too often, so I do think cash games are the best way to make the most potential money, but lately I’ve been doing really well at single table sitn-gos although I don’t do so well at mega-multi-table tournaments (meaning thousands of entrants). I get home from work from 4pm-7pm, which is somewhere between 3am and 10am in the US, so there are often players online who are overly tired, desperate to get their winnings back, drunk or on tilt, and I find it easy to weed past half of them and into the money. So while I might not get the most bang for my buck from them, I have been winning consistently and doubled my bankroll in just a few days. What kind of tables do you find work best for you?

admin answers:

I find myself playing better in Tournaments. Usually in Live tournaments I tend to do better then online. In Cash games I can do well, but after I build up my chip stack I have a bad habit of playing hands that just get me in trouble.

Donna asks…

DOES HE like me or r we jst friends?

Ok so there is this guy n school n we never really hung out he jst hung out with friends that i hung out with. well one time me n my friends were jst messing around n i was like „u know wat i hav no friends…i need to get more friends lol“ n i looked at him n i was like „hey u wanna b my friend“ n he was like yea so we actuallly started hanging out. n one night we were all hanging out at the mall n we would like sit nxt to each n he would put his arm around me n we started throwing papers at each other n stuff lol. n then i was suppose to take everyone home cuz i had my car lol. n he put his arm around me n started walking towards my car n was like „alright lets go home“ n i jst started laughing n walked back to everyone else. Then a few days later me, him n a bunch of friends went to a tournament n we were always together cuz our friends kept ditching us lmao anyway we were jst hanging out lol we even came up with a hand shake kinda lame but we always do it lol, he also kept putting his arm around me n stuf but like i didnt mind i was like watever lol. n we finally found our friends n we were sitting there n he asked me to go eat with him, i didnt want to go so i said no, he my friend nxt to me n they said no to lol then he looked at me n was like „come plz“ so i said yea. After that we kept kinda flirting but nothing to serious lol. but he is always telling bout other girls he’s been with n stuff. So does he like me or r we jst friends???? all my friends say he likes me but idk wat do u think???

admin answers:

I believe he is a player-player type of person. If he is really interested in you he will tell you! Just watch out and be careful!

Jenny asks…

high school girl i like i think she likes me 2?

really long SORRY please read it n answer
well i started to like her the last few months be4 we finish junior year n i think she knew or she knows. i never had her in a class till junior but i was there like for 3 months n the i changed my class y idk im stupid well i use to get in trouble alot n we get like 5 consequences and i had 3 so she kind of saw my bad/stupid side. i had like 2 small conversations w/ her in hallways but less than 30 sec or so
then when i changed my class i guess i started to like her n i just 2 look at her alot n she would 2. she was in the soccer team n they were doing really good n i got her a bracelet n i told my sister about her n she told me to give 2 her n tell her that was for her because she was doing so good but i didn’t give to her. so then they end up loosing n they got out of tournament n my sister told me 2 give 2 her n tell that’s because i know u gave it ur best. but it just sounded weird for me to give her the bracelet. so then the year was over n her favorite soccer team happen to be in finals n they won n were champs (pumas 4 anybody that know them) n my sister told me 2 give the bracelet n tell her i wanted 2 congrats her for her team winning n give her the gift but i still though it was weird n its just sitting there in my room. so then the school year was over n the summer came i hardly saw her but thought of her a lot. then senior year started n 4 my bad luck no classes w/ her but i keep looking at her n i notice that she looks at me 2. idk about this but i started dressing up nice on fridays 2 impress her but i notice that she dress really nice 2 on fridays. i told my sister about it n she said that maybe da 1st friday could of being coincident but we have about a month n she keeps dressing nice on fridays n me 2. in the mornings i hang around her locker with my friends n on mondays i say jokes about (pumas) her favorite team i be saying how after being champs they cant win a game. idk how she takes that. one time i was talking 2 of my friends about a new mexican resturaunt they put in my area n he told me that a lot girls from school work there n he happend 2 mention her not stalking n then i told anoter of my friend that he happends 2 be friend with her brother n told him to go eat but he knows i like her. would it be weird if i go to the resturaunt would she think (stalking)? the other day we had our senior pic class n when it was over i was standing by my self n she happend to stand in front of me n she was like 4 steps in front of me n then she moved like 3 steps back so we end up kind of close but i move one step back n 1 2 da side i though about talking 2 her but by the time i decided 2 talk 2 her 1 of her friends past by n left i told my sis n she told me i was stupid n she wanted me 2 start a conversation with her but i havent talk 2 her since last year n i just really want 2 talk her.
should i stop with jokes(pumas) when i say it she kind of smiles
so after reading a lot what do you girls or guys think does she like or not?
What should i do?
any advise?
sorry for being long thanks 4 every thing

admin answers:

I’m glad you have a sister to talk to, but why don’t you listen to her? I’m sure she feels like snatching you up sometimes- it was frustrating reading your story. How do you think you’re going to get anywhere with this girl if you’re afraid to talk to her? You only have one year left of school and it’s past time you get to know this girl. Don’t let yourself graduate without taking a step toward her. You’ll regret letting her go so easily. What if this girl is waiting for you to ask her out? She knows you like her. A friend of her brother’s knows- that means SHE KNOWS. She’s doing little things to give you an opportunity and reason to speak to her. DO IT! I know that in high school everyone is watching your every move and it’s difficult to have much finesse, but you’re going to have to find a way. GIVE HER THAT FREAKING BRACELET!!! Write a note to go with it- sealed in an envelope- and tell her that you bought it last year for one reason, but it didn’t work out, and that you’ve been searching for reasons since! That’s the truth. You should only tell her the truth. Maybe you could put it in her locker. If you want to avoid school drama (at least a little bit) give it to her at her job. Go in there, ask that she be your waitress. Take your sister with you if you need support. (Your friends are just going to embarrass you.) Maybe you’d like to talk to her a few times before giving her the bracelet. Eventually, you can leave your sister at home and talk to her alone. This is part of growing up. People can’t have relationships if they can’t approach one another. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! You can. It’s not going to kill you. It’s a good thing that she smiles when you joke about her favorite team. If you had gotten to know her a bit last year, by now, you might know exactly how she felt about your jokes (and you wouldn’t have to ask strangers). Talk to her and if she seems nice, easy to get along with, fairly interested, then ASK HER OUT! Good luck.

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Your Questions About Poker

Montag, Januar 9th, 2012

Thomas asks…

How can I become a pro poker player?

I randomly found the profile of a pro poker player. He’s 30 and he goes around the world and plays poker for a living. That sounds like a nice job. He plays for pokerstars. It sounds like he’s made 800k so far. How could I do that?

admin answers:

Firstly you have to learn the game, I don’t mean just the rules but the strategy, mathematics and psychology that stand behind the cards, poker is a skill game just if you can play a large number of tournaments, to do this you’ll also need money enough to play 50-100 games, with online poker the price for a tournaments starts from 0.50$ but playing this kind of games won’t give you enough to live so you’ll have to use your income to increase the bankroll later yuo’ll be able to partecipate higher stakes games.

Michael asks…

If a person wins a large sum of money playing internet poker, what are the tax implications?

I am curious about a scenario where a person wins, say, $250,000 at a site like Full Tilt Poker. First off, can they just transfer the money into their bank account without any problems? After that, what kind of taxes will they have to pay? Are the any (legal) options that would reduce the total tax amount?

admin answers:

Any winnings in excess of $1500 are subject to a IRS form 1099. I would suggest withdrawing your winnings a little at a time, open multiple checking accounts and slowly deposit it a little at a time so as not to cause suspicion…..

Mark asks…

What’s the best way to make money on a poker review website?

I want to start a poker room review site, what’s the best way to make it profitable? How much should I put into it? What hosting, and what costs? I want to show up in google search.

admin answers:

Banner ads would be the best way to make money.

William asks…

How much money in taxes do you pay for playing online poker?

If you play online poker regularly, and say you’ve earned a hypothetical $5,000 in one year. How much in taxes would you pay? Would there be any exceptions or special circumstances?

admin answers:

Depends on the country.

Then it depends on your income. (And of course, if you declare it).

If you make 20K a year, then you’d add the 5K and pay taxes on 25K. If you make 100K a year, then you’d declare 105K and pay taxes. You’d pay a higher rate of taxes if you made 105K..

It’s income tax, not a gambling tax.

Sharon asks…

Can someone suggest me how can start at poker?

Hi used to play poker but now have not played it too long. I am bit rusty so can suggest me any tips to start off again and be successful poker player.

admin answers:

All we need in poker is a lot of concentration and a quick sight on the other players. As you have played before then you must be known to it. But still I’ve posted a link containing some tips of poker. Hope you will be helped.

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