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Ken asks…

With professional cameras what does a vans warped tour photo pass entitle you to?

Okay, I am getting an entry level D-SLR and I take my photography very seriously, and I’d like to know what a photo pass entitles me to.
I know its gets you into the photo pit for the first three songs of a set, but are you also allowed to take pictures with your SLR from the crowd if you have a photo pass? Or does it only allow you to use your professional equipment in the photo pit. Im just curious.

admin answers:

Don’t you have to have a press pass?
But why would you want to take a DSLR camera into the pits? With all your equipment?
I just purchased an $800+ Canon and I would not take it into the pits with all my lenses and equipment.

You should practice A LOT before VWT. Aperture and shutter speed are going to be two VERY important components…especially shutter speed because these artists are obviously not going to stop so you can take their picture. Also, think about exposure and all that good stuff.

Anyway, yes you can take pictures from the pit. And I believe you can take in a DSLR but not the equipment with out a pass.

Daniel asks…

Who to email for a photo pass for AP tour?

Does anyone know who I should contact to get a photo pass for the AP tour, this year? I know, I should probally email the tour manager but, i’m not really sure who that is. D:

admin answers:

What do you mean by ‚photo pass‘?

Chris asks…

how early should i go to carson warped tour if i have a vip/backstage pass?

i donated blood and therefore got vip/backstage passes to warped tour
but it says that its only for the first 150 people on that day
so i was wondering if anyone knew from experience how early i should get to warped tour in order to ensure that i get my wristband?

admin answers:


Ruth asks…

How do i get a free backstage pass to britains got talent live tour at the NIA in birmingham?

Me and my friend are going to see Britains got talent live tour in NIA brimingham abnd we really want to know how do we get a backstage pass free? it sour first proper tour and we want to make it good. any suggestions or does anyone know definalty how to get one?


i’m going on the 27th of june

Thank you

admin answers:

I have personally bought the Ultimate Backstage Book like other people have suggested on Yahoo Answers and it really works! I met the Jonas Brothers using the methods in the book. I want to thank them for letting me in on this info. It Rocks!

I would have paid a thousand dollars for those passes but the book was only 20 bucks and showed me exactly how to get backstage passes and free concert tickets. I had a great time at the concert and even got a few phone numbers from the group.

I was not going to share this information but I already got backstage and met my favorite group. I also want to thank Ed since he personally helped me get passes. I highly recommend this book. You can check out their site if you are interested in getting the book at Thanks to this book, I will never have to buy a concert ticket again.


Linda asks…

3 day travel and sightseeing/tour pass for London?

Where can I get the cheapest deal on a 2 or 3 day travel and sightseeing/tour pass for London? I’ll be in England for 5 nights, 6 days at the end of June. I’ve looked on google and they are quite expensive, as I thought they would be but any other recommendations? Thanks

admin answers:

Cost £7.. Each for unlimited travel on London underground and buses for 24 hours available from any bus station newsagents or underground railway station

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