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Carol asks…

How does the Texas Hold’em style of poker affect the odds of having certain hands?

From Wikipedia, the odds of having a straight flush in a five card hand are 0.0015%, 4 of a kind is 0.024%, full house is 0.14%, a flush is 0.2%, a straight is 0.39%, three of a kind is 2.1%, two pair is 4.75%, one pair is 42%, and high card is 50%. But how do these odds change in Texas Hold’em, where there are two extra cards? I’ve tried some math and the odds of having only a high card are around 20% so I know that the odds of having a valuable hand go up a lot, but I’m not really sure how much.

admin answers:

Really? You go those numbers off of Wikipedia? Because I looked on Wikipedia, and the odds of being dealt specific hands in 7 cards games is literally on the EXACT SAME PAGE as the odds of being dealt hands in a 5 card game. All you had to do was scroll down the page.


Joseph asks…

Any tips for Poker playing?

I am kinda of new at Poker. I know what a straight, flush, full house etc but i need some tips as when to raise, what hands to keep, what to fold and how to calculate probabilities.

I saw on the WSOP that players can calculate odds of winning with their hands, how do you do that?

admin answers:

To figure your outs you need to use the rule of 4 and 2. This means that you times your outs by 4 on the flop and 2 on the turn. For example lets say that you flop a flush draw, you have 9 spades for an out for sure, so 9 times 4 is 36, so you are about 36% to hit your flush on the turn. Now if you miss the flush card on the turn, you times it by two, so 9 times 2 is 18. So you are now about 18% to hit your flush on the river. Now you may give yourself an extra out with over cards to the board, but using this way you can give yourself a clue of where you are at. Now there may be only 7 spades in the deck because you don’t know how many spades are dealt out, so you may be worse off then you think. As for pre-flop you just learn what the odds are like any over pair like aces vs kings is 80/20, any single ace against a pair is 70/30. The more you play the more you will know the odds.

Donald asks…

What are the odds of this ridiculous poker scenario?

Was playing hold em and was dealt Ac Js vs. 2h 4h
Board comes : As 3h 5h Jc Ah ( giving me the nut full house, aside from AA, and him a straight flush)

About a half hour later:
I get 99 another guy gets AA , board: 9322A, in this order.

I’m half venting by posting this and half curious how ridiculous the odds of this happening are. : /
Aside from the fact that noone answered the question ( I knew I should have filed this under Mathematics ) , I really don’t care that you think it was a bad play because I was not asking for help with my game. I did not bet big because of the fact that it was actually an omaha hi lo game and 2 pair with A35 out there isn’t that great. For simplicities sake I changed the game in the question to hold em because I figured most people on here would be uncapable of calculating hi lo odds. Thank you for proving me correct since half of you clealy cannot even read.

admin answers:

That first hand should never have happened. You should have made him fold before it got that far. The second hand is a bit of bad luck, but you also could have made him fold before it got that far.

I used to always get screwed on the river card. And then I tried a new tactic – not letting it get to the river card unless I really really want it to. Now I win consistently and often don’t even have to show my cards.

Charles asks…

Any Poker Sites where the cards aren’t rigged to make more flushes, straights, etc from happening all the time?

I’m tired of playing online poker and having people get flushes and straights and full houses all the time. I want a poker game where the odds of getting a straight are the ACTUAL ODDS. Is there any site like this?
I don’t even want to play for money. I just want to play with a fair deck against other online players
okay, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE that all the big name poker sites aren’t rigged to put out more „action hands“ then you really are fooling yourself. (I don’t care if everyone has the same probability of getting an (unfair) awesome flop, turn or river for their hand)

I have a B.S. in STATISTICS btw

admin answers:

If you have no faith in online poker then just play live. Any play money game poker isn’t even real poker as most sites allow you to reload as many times as you want and everybody just shoves so they get more chips.

Laura asks…

what are the odds of getting set over set in texas holdem poker?

I’m a regular at an online poker site, for now i wont say what it is… but i think theyre setting up hands to make me lose bigtime…

the hand Im talking about is set over set… if i have a set, im not afraid to put my stack in, barring there is flush or straight on board…

but lately the amount of set over set that happens to me is increasing in number… of course losing my whole stack… for one week since Monday, I was getting at least one beat of set over set a day, mostly its 2 per day… the whooper is … this friday… i lost total of 6 set over set and counting.. yes! 6 SET OVER SET…

i gather about 7k hands per day… now, do u think 1-2 set over set in span of 7k hands is within odds? and can u please not say its just short term bad variance, 7k x 5 days is not exactly huge, but its not small either…

again.. do u think 15 set over set in span of 30k hands is within odds and i should just let the whole thing pass?

PS i have pokertracker, i can offer hand histories for proof…
PS in one week i had only about 2-4 set over set in which i won… 15 times i lost

admin answers:

OK…mathematical gymnastics…not perfect, but should not be too far off.

You will start with a pair 5.9% of the time.

Another person will have a pair 49% of the time assuming 9 handed table (~31% 6 handed)

Assuming you have and another person have a pair you will flop a set about 12.2% of the time.

The other person will also flop a set about 8.4% of the time.

Chance This will happen 0.0296% or an average of once every 3378 hands. (5336 hands 6 handed)

So yes if you see 7000 hands a day, this will happen an average of just over twice a day 9 handed (1.3 times per day 6 handed, still in your 1-2 times a day window). So you would see it on average 10.4 times per week 9 handed and 6.5 times per week 6 handed. Both numbers are within reason of seeing it 15 times in a week and being normal.

(Realize that in the days before online poker most players saw about 300-400 hands A DAY!!! One table, 30-40 hands per hour, 10 hours. So they only ran into this situation once every two weeks )

Now the part of being on the wrong end of this…you didn’t want me to say it, but that is just variance.

If you play every pair, realize that when you have the little pairs (22, 33, 44) and you flop a set that if it is one of the 3378 hands you are most likely crushed (or definitely if it is 22). The suggestion would be to only play the little pairs in position. This will help lower the chance of set over set when you are on the losing end.

Have Fun!!

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