Your Questions About Poker Face

Chris asks…

Where can I get that horn/saxophone noise in Poker Face?

It’s the signature one that all of RedOne’s productions have or something. I just want the sound effect but I can’t find it anywhere. I Google’d it but found no answers either.

admin answers:

I think Coldplay did that song

Steven asks…

How much time does it take to do make-up like Lady GaGa’s video, Poker Face?

What cosmetics do you recommend?

admin answers:

Here’s a link to one of Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials. I hope you like it (:

The cosmetics are listed in the side bar.

Carol asks…

is a poker face enough to win at a poker game?

I study peoples body language, and I am sure I can find some signs.

admin answers:

I have a ‚Go Fish‘ face. I like to bait my opponent into discarding the wrong card. Sooner or later I worm the truth out of him.

Sharon asks…

What breed of dog appears in the new Lady gaga video poker face?

admin answers:

Harlequin Great Danes!
Aren’t they gorgeous?

David asks…

How do people still like Poker Face?

That song is played every hour on my 5 local hit music stations. It’s annoying.

admin answers:

Its always been annoying. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are freaks of nature. (no offense, personal opinion)

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