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William asks…

What do you get a poker and football fan?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months and I’m not sure what to get him for xmas. He isn’t really all that into the ’sport‘ logo items. He has a big ford F350, loves poker, all sports, and is very conscious about his looks. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

How about either gold or silver chain with a lucky clover, or some kind of charm on it. Horse shoe, is said to bring good luck, so that’s an idea too. Really depends on your budget since you’ve only been dating him for 5 months. Tickets to a sporting event always goes over well too.

Robert asks…

How do you play online poker in America?

Every online poker site that I try to sign up with says that I am not allowed to sign up from my current location. Why is this and is there a way to get around it?

admin answers:

Heres the top 4 online poker rooms that welcome USA players despite changes due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Enjoy:)

David asks…

How can a boy make poker straight hair wavy?

I’m a boy with semi-long hair. My biggest complaint with it is that it so poker straight and just falls forward constantly. I’m not a big fan of gels cause I don’t like the way it makes my hair hard. Is there any way I can get a wavy look to my hair?

admin answers:

Hahah oh boy. This is probably going to sound a little ridiculous, but you could always try using a curling iron or wave iron :p

or you could try scrunching it after you take a shower! All you do is take little bits of your hair and lift them up to your scalp and just scrunch them up a little. It might work!

And you could do all of these things at home hahaha so nobody would have to know :p

Good Luck!!!

Lisa asks…

What store sells the cheapest poker chips?

Where is the cheapest place to buy poker chips in Nanaimo,BC,Canada?

admin answers:

I believe you can purchase poker chips from your local stores, but it depends on how much chips you looking to buy. For 3 to 5 ppl you should buy at least 300 chips, 5 to 8 about 500 chips. 8 to 15 should buy 1,000 in chips. There are many website you can check it out or even ebay has great deals sometimes, make sure to choose the free shipping, poker chips sets can be very heavy.

Maria asks…

Can someone suggest me how can start at poker?

Hi used to play poker but now have not played it too long. I am bit rusty so can suggest me any tips to start off again and be successful poker player.

admin answers:

My brother love to play poker at

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