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Chris asks…

Are there any good drills for practicing calculating poker odds?

I am a fan of Texas Hold ‚Em, but I want to up my game to the next level. I know that really good players can calculate odds in their head. Are there any good drills someone could do with a deck of cards or free online programs that could help me with this?

admin answers:

My advice would be to get a program like Holdem Hawk ( and watch the way it calculates the odds. The cool thing is that if you just play online you won’t have to worry about calculating them anymore as this does it all for you and then some, but if you’re looking to learn you can get a good feel for things just from looking at hands that it has you in and ones it doesn’t.

After you get more experienced at this you don’t really do any calculating you just know when you should play on or not. The calculating is done subconsciously which is preferable since there’s a heck of a lot that goes into this at the higher levels and there’s no real set formulas either only guidelines. You want to start somewhere though 😉

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James asks…

POKER ODDS: What is the chance of me getting a flush when I have 4 cards of the same suit and draw 1?

In 5 card draw. Again lets say I have 4 spades and I just need one more, what are the odds/percent that I will get my 5th spade?

Because I have been playing online, have tried 8 times and have not gotten it once!

admin answers:

It’s 9/47, not 9/48, the player will never re-receive the card he discarded.

The chances of failing to catch the flush draw 8x in a row is:

(38/47)^8 = 18.3%. So a streak this bad is somewhat likely.

Joseph asks…

How can I learn about odds in poker?

I want to learn about the odds of catching certain hands (and also of my opponents catching certain hands) in poker, but I’m terrible at calculating odds on the spot (my math skills are pretty sub-par). Does anyone know of any sites or programs or ways to improve this aspect of my game?

admin answers:

There are several different odds calculators out there that can give u the amount of „outs“ you have and stuff like that. Most have a trial period you can use or purchase a product key for.

Laura asks…

Calculating poker odds and implied odds?

Ive just learned how to calculate pot odds ad how to determine whether a play is profitable, but a single hands takes me like 2 minutes to calculate. I need to first calculate my outs, then do all those crazy divisions etc.

Now Im learnign about implied odds. Now this math is getting too complicated.

Do you have to make those calculations all in your head when you play poker ? Cause I dont think ill ever be able to !

admin answers:

You don’t need to make a boat-load of calculations in the course of a hand. Just think of what possible hands your opponent could be playing vs. How he/they play them. When you compare them to what’s on the board, you can get a better idea of what they could be holding vs. What you have. Of course, paying attention to showdowns and winning hands, etc will help you make better decisions in future hands. Remember, you don’t need to be aggressive in your thought process, it’s better to soak in the information and know the basic odds of possible hands as the streets are dealt.

Of course, there’s no better learning than *doing* so if you play online a lot, you have to make big decisions in a shorter amount of time. That’ll round up your game a bit, too..

Jenny asks…

How to work out poker odds?

hi, how do i work out what odds i have of winning from my pocket cards and after the flop. can anyone help?


admin answers:

There are two different types of calculations you’ll need to work out: Implied Odds and Pot Odds.

Implied Odds are basically calculating your current odds for calling, plus the potential earnings that you’re likely to make should you complete your hand. So, even if it’s not reasonable to call solely on pot odds, sometimes it’s good to call based on implied odds, because you know you’re going to clean house if you do make that draw!

Whereas Pot Odds are actually rather simple. There are two core concepts that you need to be aware of to calculate odds, and we’ll teach you both in about 5 minutes:

1. Outs.
2. Pot size.

Read up thoroughly on both @:

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