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Paul asks…

Where can I find what I need to start my own home poker tournament?

Several of my friends have shown interest to having a poker game. I could easily find enough people for a 2 table tournament.
I am looking for the layout and any printout material.

I have heard a blind timer is handy as well.


admin answers:

This blog below is full of what you will need to start your home poker tourament.

I have used the suggestions on 3 tournaments now. Each one has gotten better and better. I have to admit the free blind timer really makes the game look good.

I just checked out the blog again and noticed they have added a copy of poker rules.

Sharon asks…

Where can I find a good home game poker tournament blind timer?

…like the one they use at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. I am setting up a home poker game and would like to keep track of blinds and levels.

admin answers:

Try my suggestion below. I have been having home poker games for the past year. My friends were really impressed when I started using this free poker timer.

Home game timer:

The neat thing about this timer, besides the fact that it’s absolutely free, is how many features there are. You can add the players, payout struture, levels, blinds, total players and even keep track of how many players are left and the average chip stack.

Sound effects are also a nice feature.

Probably the best timer I have seen. None of my friends have anything like it. So it keeps them wanting to come to my tournaments.

Compared to the poker timers you find on Ebay…this one is far superior.

Forget about using your cell phone…that is just silly.

Good luck.

Nancy asks…

How do I play online poker with my friends on my computer?

I wanted to know if I there was such a computer application me and all my friends can download on our computers and play poker in a private game?

admin answers:

Go to yahoo games and join the same rooms as your friends.

Carol asks…

What is the appeal of watching people play Poker on television?

There is at least one show late at night that has people playing Poker. I have it on for noise while I do other things. But I don’t know why anyone would actually WATCH the show after maybe the first time.
So. What is the appeal of the Poker shows?

admin answers:

I rarely watch poker on TV but why do people watch people playing anything on TV? Because it’s interesting I guess. Poker certainly is and that’s why it’s suich a popular sport to watch.

King Cobra Poker

Chris asks…

What are the online casino websites that allow one to play real money poker in Australia?

I want to know the online casino websites that allow someone living in Australia to play real money poker i.e. to transfer real money to play poker. Please give me the names of poker websites that allow one to play real money poker in Australia. Thanx in advance.

admin answers:

The best website that acceps Australians is fulltilt poker which you can find review at
It is the best poker site because it has magnificent bonus of 600$. Because the players there are over 500 000. Because you have choices on so many games.
I know australians who play there.

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