Your Questions About Poker Face

Betty asks…

Would it be wierd to wear a shirt that says „he cant read my poker face“?

Well, i’m a HUGEE fan of Lady Gaga, and my friends know that, so I was wondering if it would be strange or appropriate to wear a shirt that says

„he cant read my poker face“ to school tomorrow.

admin answers:

Wear what you want. Honestly I dont think anyone would really care. If they do, so what? :]

John asks…

Is it girly for a boy to sing ‚Poker Face‘ by Lady Gaga for YouTube?

I love the song, and want to sing it for youtube. Is it weird (girly) to do it?

admin answers:

There are a tone of guys who cover songs sung by girls. Ditto vice versa. However, this doesn’t mean that people won’t harass you. YouTube, and the internet, can be a mean place so if hateful comments negatively affect you, DONT! If you don’t care what people think, go ahead!

As a pianist on YouTube, I sometimes cover „girly songs“ but I don’t care.

Hope this helps!

Ruth asks…

what south park episode is it when cartman sings poker face?

also if i were to buy this episode on i tunes will i be able to upload it onto my mp3?

admin answers:

Season 13 episode 11: Whale Whores

Robert asks…

where is the best place to go to get the ring tone, poker face(the one with words?

i want to get the ring tone for my cell phone, the ring tone with the real song poker face. i need websites that i can go to to get it, with out having to pay with a credit card. thanks everyone, the person with the site that i can use and like the ringtone will get chosen for best answer. thanks again everyone

admin answers: has a ton of free ringtones, but not all of them are music. They also have free games and wallpapers. Hope this helps

Mandy asks…

How can one practice/improve a serious face (lets say poker face) ?

admin answers:

Unfortunately after professionally acting since 1999, i have yet to develop a serious poker face. Now, that being said, if i’m acting i simply….act. I take on the what i think the attributes of my character are. If my character doesn’t think things are funny, then that’s what you do. Example: let’s say you have a deadpan character that is suppopsed to react to something that is humorously going on onstage. Then find what is unfunny about the scene. Or you can make the choice of taking yourself very seriously. You can do all the exercises you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have control over it. You have to have a very specific, character thought process. If you stray from this, in the moment of the scene, your own thoughts/humor will rush right back (mainly because you’ve been keeping under control) and make you brake. Whatever funny is happening around you, mentally break it down till it’s not funny anymore.

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