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Richard asks…

Where can I search for local „home“ poker games on the Internet?

I got a transfer at work and so moved recently. I was a semi-regular hold ‚em player at the local casino in my hometown, but there is no casino where I have moved to. A couple of charities have poker nights but they are not frequent.

So, my question is, where is the best place on the Internet to search for „home“ poker games that might be looking for players? I am not interested in really high stakes otherwise not particular as to stakes or as to whether format is tourney or „cash“.

admin answers:

Local ‚home‘ games are usually just friends but if you want to find games not in a casino but the same sort of format like you would in a casino you could try private members clubs at bar games or ask around at place where the most likely gamblers gather. Private car rooms are dotted across the world and statistically speaking, there should be at least one within a reasonable distance.

Mark asks…

How do I find out what poker games are going on right now in Atlantic City?

I was playing at Harrahs in AC last night and one of the other players used his smartphone to look up how many and what type of games were going on right then in every casino in AC. I don’t know if he was looking at a website or if he was using an app. Does this sound familiar?

admin answers:

It’s called the Bravo Poker app. It will show you what games are going on in any pokerroom that uses a bravo system, which is the computer at the table the dealer swipes your card into. The app will show the result of all bravo-using casinos in the country, not just AC. Not all rooms use bravos. All the Harrahs properties in AC do. I forget if Borgata does. Taj, Trop and Nugget don’t.

Joseph asks…

What’s a good free website to play casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, and betting?

I’m planning on going to the casino next weekend, but I’ve never even played the games! I’m looking for a free site where I can learn to play and practice my skills in a variety of games like texas hold ‚em poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots and possibly sports betting (if I’m feeling lucky!). Any idea of any sites I could visit? Thanks!

admin answers:

Any site mentioned will be just fine, I’m sure. Of course if you do a Google search for „free on-line casino games“, you’ll get thousands of other choices, too.

The most important thing you need to understand is that you can’t „practice your skills“ when it comes to casino games. You either will get lucky, or you won’t.

If you DO get lucky, don’t fool yourself into thinking you did anything „right“. You didn’t. You just got lucky.

Last comment – There is only ONE sane reason to go to a casino. That is to HAVE FUN! Casinos were built to TAKE your money. In the long run, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Go and have fun! If you ever fool yourself into believing that you can MAKE money at a casino, you are in for very bad times.

Donna asks…

choctaw casino and texas holdem poker games?

hi, so I’m planning to visit this place with some friends, we like poker so we would like to know about the no limit texas holdem poker games inside the casino…how much do you have to pay? do blinds go up? can anyone play? any information please

admin answers:

It depends if you want to play in the cash games or tournaments. The cash games have a fixed buy in where you can buy in for 100 times the big blind. So if you want to play at a table where the blinds are $1/2, you can sit down with up to $200. The game will remain at this stake.

Every casino has their own rules so if you aren’t sure about anything, you can always ask before playing.

Maria asks…

Whats up with Zanga poker? Is anyone else having issues with poker games in Yahoo?

I keep getting the „OOPS“ system out of service. Going on 3 days now.

admin answers:

My post keeps getting deleted so ill give you the brief synopsis….

Started yesterday, about 30 hrs ago

thought is could be a windows service pack install i did just before that, don’t think so now

confirmed flash and java are current and cleared cookies(not sure why they say to do this)

a few other games wouldn’t work but some, like text twist did.

Good luck, i’d like to see what others say.

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