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Richard asks…

Can anyone answer these trigonometry problems?

1. Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of the angle in standard position with the terminal side passing through the point P(-4, 3).
a. sin θ = -3/5; cos θ = 4/5; tan θ = 3/4; csc θ = -5/3; sec θ = 5/4; cot θ = 4/3
b. sin θ = 3/5; cos θ = -4/5; tan θ = -3/4; csc θ = 5/3; sec θ = -5/4; cot θ = -4/3
c. sin θ = 4/5; cos θ = -3/5; tan θ = -4/3; csc θ = 5/4; sec θ = -5/3; cot θ = -3/4
d. sin θ = -4/5; cos θ = 3/5; tan θ = -4/3; csc θ = -5/4; sec θ = 5/3; cot θ = -3/4

2. Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of the angle in standard position with the terminal side passing through the point P(-2, 0).
a. sin θ = -1; cos θ = 0; tan θ is undefined; csc θ = -1; sec θ is undefined; cot θ = 0
b. sin θ is undefined; cos θ = -1; tan θ is undefined; csc θ = 0; sec θ = -1; cot θ = 0
c. sin θ = 0; cos θ = -1; tan θ = 0; csc θ is undefined; sec θ = -1; cot θ is undefined
d. sin θ = 0; cos θ = -1; tan θ is undefined; csc θ is undefined; sec θ = -1; cot θ = 0

3. Given that sin θ = -1/2 for an angle in Quadrant III, find the exact value of sec θ .
a. 1/2
c. -2

4. Find the measurement of the reference angle of a 300 ° angle.
a. 60 °
b. -60 °
c. 30 °
d. -30 °

5. Find the measurement of the reference angle of an angle measuring 7 π /4.
a. π /2
b. – π /2
c. π /4
d. – π /4

6. Find the exact values of the six trigonometric functions of a 120 ° angle.
a. ; ; ; ; ;
b. ; ; ; ; ;
c. ; ; ; ; ;
d. ; ; ; ; ;

7. Use a calculator to evaluate cos 214 ° to 4 decimal places.
a. 0.5592
b. 0.8290
c. -0.5592
d. -0.8290

8. Use a calculator to evaluate sin(9 π /5) to 4 decimal places.
a. 0.0985
b. -0.5878
c. -0.2589
d. 0.0887

9. Find the exact value of
a. 1/2
b. -1/2
c. 1
d. -1

10. Find on a unit circle that corresponds to t = 5 π /6.

11. Evaluate .
c. 1/2
d. -1/2

12. Use a calculator to evaluate cot 4.
a. 0.7543
b. 0.8637
c. 1.1578
d. 0.0699

13. Evaluate .
a. -1/2
c. 1/2

14. Use a calculator to evaluate csc (-0.6).
a. 1.2116
b. 1.0001
c. -1.2116
d. -1.771

15. Determine whether f(x) = -sin x is even, odd, or neither.
a. even
b. odd
c. neither

admin answers:

1. B
2. A
3. (2*sqrt3)/3
4. A
5. C
6. Sin 120=(sqrt3)/2, cos120=-.5, tan120=sqrt3, csc120=2/(sqrt3), sec120=2, cot120=1/(sqrt3)
7.B, -.8290, make sure calculator in degree mode
8.B, -5877, make sure calculator in radian mode
9-11 not enoguh info
12. B
14. D
15. Odd

Steven asks…

i’m 16. male. do i seem healthy to you?

i’m 16, male.
16 stone 3 lbs (227lbs).
34″ waist.

i play a lot rugby, cycle for at least 1 or 2 hours a day and occasionally go to the gym. i eat around 2500 calories a day and eat healthily, but i do have the odd packet of crisps/chocolate thrown in, and have a take-away every fortnight.

but… i typed it in on a bbc bmi calculator and it came up saying obese !! i can pinch about an inch off my stomach/chest, but thats the only place on my body i can pinch fat.

do i need to lose weight then? it’s just it seems odd because i am healthy and i dont exactly look obese! lol

cheers in advance

admin answers:

If you feel healthy than don’t worry about the BMI calculator. You sound as if you are in great shape, eat alot of veggies and fruit, protein is very important as well.

Maria asks…

What is the opposite of time?

I am having somewhat of a dilemma here…
If you could move forwards in time by traveling past the speed of light…
Then it would be possible to go backwards!
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You throw a rubber ball at a wall, it ricochets and clunks you back in the head. Doink!
See, If I dropped an egg on the floor, it would shatter. No more eggy. Splat. It would never reassemble itself into a perfect little yolky sphere, but who says it can’t?!
The opposite of walking forwards would be walking backwards. Everyone knows we can walk backwards.
We assume time moves forwards but…there is nothing stopping us from going back!
Maybe moving back in time is dividing by zero! I’ll try that!
( Divides pi by zero on calculator, giant hole opens up in universe, omnomnom!…zap. Winds up in alternate universe where everyone resembles Chuck Norris. Falls on knees. NOOOO!!!)
My other calculations were BRILLIANT! not…
x/0= universe full of Chuck Norris clones.
x/0= The opposite of jello pudding.
x/0= Potato chips with no potato whatsoever.
x/0= ABBA
x/0= Fox News Network.
x/0= Airtarians.
x/0= Ihasgotchezburger.
x/0= Tax evasion.
Ok that was odd, so now what?!
Why is moving back in time impossible?
And if someone does go back in time and destroys someone, would they suddenly dissipate, go POOF? What would that look like?
It would mess everything up, everything this person did or influenced…
So if one person traveled back in time we’d all be screwed. It would effect us all somehow.
GAH!!! My head hurts!!
(begins to type x/0 on calculator again…)
HELP! before I do it again!
Just what is your opinion on this? Why can’t we travel back in time?

admin answers:

You’re not supposed to be smoking that.

Mark asks…

Bra size problem…(Women please)?

I know that when I measure my frame (under the breasts) which is 38 inches. I have to add 5. Which makes 43 inches and since it’s an odd number I have to round it up. My bra size is then 44 inches..Agreed?

But this is where it gets odd…I then measure the fullest part of my breast which comes to 44 inches!

To then determine the cup size I have to make a substraction of my bra and frame size…and the difference would tell which cup I need right?
Well as you can see 44-44= 0 !

Thing is my breasts…you look at them, they’re quite big..
I always wore C cup but kept assuring people I was a B.
So that it would be deemed a modest but still full size.

Now…I don’t know why but..I have been „out-filling“ my C cup bras and now fill D cup bras.

I just wanted to be sure that my bra size is correct and now…the calculator says I’m a 44 AA…??

Why are my measurements weird?
Why is it that this bra size calculations are wrong because anyone can see that my breasts are very much ample..
What gives…
I re-measured and did everything and still..0 difference..!!
I am not AA…

admin answers:

Ta-dah – more proof bra size calculators are rubbish!

The answerers are correct – never ever add more than 2in. You’re looking at more 38DD/40D than 44AA. Your measurements aren’t weird. Calculators tell me I’m a 32C/D, but I’m actually a 28F. And people taking their advice is why a lot are left in the wrong sized bra. The amount of times I’ve read ‚why would you be a 30DD when the bra size calculator says 34A? The calculator is always right!‘.
Also, remember that measurements give a rough guide. Try on a 38DD first. Check the band – it may be too tight, because not many people can comfortably wear a band that’s exactly the same as their under bust. Then check the cups. 🙂

Mandy asks…

guys/anybody: what do you think?

So i have a guy friend. nice, funny, we have a lot in common, we go to highschool together, blabity blabity blah.

hes shy, im shy(like strictly only talk to his close friends, shy). hes got a fun/interesting/odd personality in a good way that i understand. yes, we txt n sht but its hard to pull off his jokes and my dry sarcasm over the phone so we do it in person..

i always catch him looking my way when i walk by him or b4 i aproach him n say „hey“ and crap.
He sometimes breaks into my locker to leave me messages on my graphing calculator like „HI“ or „kumqwats“(a random vegtable) in a very jokingly manner like, „hmmm…someone left u a message! i wonder who it could be, haha“ and i just play along lol
one day he told me to check my calculator and it sed „I AM YOUR LAVAH(lover)“ and we were just laughing about it and such

what do you guys make of this?

admin answers:

He probably likes you, that simple.

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