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James asks…

Poker Night Help!!?

Hi, im going to a poker night apparently we will be playing texas hold em. i have no idea what this means – i think i understand the general poker rules and what hands you can play etc. Does anyone know the rules or at least a link to an appropriate website? I know there are lots of different sorts of poker but thats about it . . .

admin answers:

How to play Holdem Poker

Poker Hand Rankings

Poker Starting Hands

There are plenty of sites where you can play for free. It’ll be worth playing around to get a handle on things. Good luck!

Mary asks…

What do religious people say about cheating at online poker?

Harmless? Crime against God? Is there anywhere in the bible God said „thou shalt play by the rules?“ It’s not honest, but neither was Abraham when he lied to save his neck, and some of us really need money.

admin answers:

Most don’t say anything. And many have never heard of it.

But fraud is fraud. (After all, fraud is basically „playing outside the rules.“) Fraud is lying in order to steal.

The fact that Abraham and every other human who ever lived was also guilty of lying and other sin is irrelevant. Why does the morality of ANYONE’s act today depend upon what some ancient personality did so long ago?

And if you are citing Abraham because you have an interest in what the Bible says, the Bible also tells you that anyone needing money should work — so that one can also be generous by assisting in the needs of others. So which sounds like a better idea: working to gather one’s own money OR using fraud to take money from others.

As to gambling itself, as the old saying goes: „The one who wins at gambling has stolen the earnings of others. The one who loses at gambling has willingly thrown away his money and is nothing but a fool.“

John asks…

How come sometimes in poker the pot is split between to players?

So i was playing the WSOP app cauz i understand the general rules of the game. Anyway i noticed tht sometimes the pot was split between 2 players who had, one sometimes clearly had the better hand. Can u explain y this happens??

admin answers:

You must have looked at the hands wrong. Remember it’s the best FIVE card hand. Sometimes it’s easy to misread, sometimes even professional dealers misread the hands and almost reward the wrong person with the pot. Software however makes no mistakes because it’s not human.

Either that or a player was all-in and there was a side pot of some sort.

Thomas asks…

What to you need to know to become a pro in poker?

I already know the rules of the game, have good insights, play a decent game. What are the things I have to take into account, considered the bankroll?
Can I built a decent bankroll from starting with small buy-ins or do I have to invest some money first? When can I make a the next step to a higher bankroll? Is there any math involved? Help me please, thanks.

admin answers:

You need to learn how to count cards

Betty asks…

anyone know the rules for omaha this happened at fulltilt poker?

ok i had a hand that was 5 5 8 9 all off suit and the other player had a k 10 7 he won with a two pair aces kings but i had a str8 with ace through 5 how is this possible pleease help how can a str8 loose to a two pair aces and kings on omaha ????
i had a pair of fives the flops came out as a ace through 5 straight and it said i had ace 4 two pair and the winner had ace king two pair but i had a str8 i looked at the hand like 10 times to see if i did something or saw something wrong

admin answers:

I REALLY hope you aren’t playing for real money since you don’t yet know how to play this game!

You did NOT have a straight. You could not POSSIBLY have had a 5-high straight with only a 5, 5, 8, 9 in your hand.

In Omaha Poker, you MUST use 2 cards from your hand, and 3 cards from the board. No exceptions.

If there was an Ace-2-3-4 on board, you don’t have a straight just because you had a 5. You would have had to have a 5 and a 2, or a 5 and a 3, or a 5 and a 4, or a 5 and an Ace.

Again – Unlike Hold ‚em, you MUST use 2 cards from your hole cards when you make your best 5-card hand.


Lol, Jason. And Jacob M beat me, too! (While I was typing!)

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